Building your Profile – Webinar no. 4

Apr 24, 2020

From Sunday 24th May 2020 – Dr Audrey Tang (Chartered Psychologist)

      – What does your brand say about you?
      – Don’t let others derail you!
      – Mindgames and how to win them!
      – How can you live authentically?
      – What cognitive distortions do we us which stops us thinking clearly?
    • Attendance Fee: £1 (*all participants wil be issued a CPD Accredited Certificate after 1h & free access to our White papers, Video replays and audio format)

ENERGY CLASSES where we learn the art of online & offline codes of conduct, best practices, causes-consequences … We are hosting these webinars on Zoom and replaying them on Afribean Radio.

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS