#EatingWhileBROKE : Day 1 – Single on £1

2 years ago

Shopping for a decent Ready-Meal!

We recommend to eat any of these Pizzas, half as breakfast. The other half as dinner.

Or if you choose any one of these ready-meals … eat your unique meal for the day after 3pm so that your belly does not sing louder than your ability to sleep from a lack of food intake.

Your bin bag will be heavier than your stomach. The amount of packaging put the quantity of food achieved for this ONE pound budget to shame.

This Week We are NOT POOR! This Week we are ON a DIET

Eat like a King on a Pauper's budget

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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(shop: Iceland) Belly satisfaction: how full you get and for how much time until you are going to bed. 
  • Spaghetti Bolognese - Belly satisfaction (3/5)
  • Shepherd's Pie - Belly satisfaction (2/5)
  • Chicken curry & Rice - Belly satisfaction (3/5)
  • Deep Pan Pizzas (lot of topping's choices) - Belly satisfaction (4/5)
  • Beef Lasagne  - Belly satisfaction (2/5)
  • Frozen Vegetables (800g to 1kg choices of mixed, broccoli, cauliflowers ...) - Belly satisfaction (4/5)
  • Cooking TIPS: fry in real butter, add salt, pepper, onions and garlic. If dairy free butter, add the butter after turning off the stove. It will do you no good acting like real butter. Only real butter do fry! Use vegetable oil, instead, for the frying part.
Iceland Floret and carrot mix
  • Egg fried rice - Belly satisfaction (2/5)
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