Scheme to Keep Businesses & Jobs – #EAToutToHELPout

1 year ago

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An adequate treatment against COVID-19 in exchange of supporting the economy? London, this vibrant city and capital of the United Kingdom, is now a Ghost Town! Despite Boris Johnson wishes, people are not going back to work and rather work from home while feeling unsafe after watching their TV. They are not giving their votes of confidence to the Prime Minister. His stay at home advice was listened to after he recovered himself from contracting the virus. To prevent the permanent closure of businesses and the increase in job losses, the Government is introducing a scheme called << Eat out to Help out >>, to get customers back into restaurant, café and pubs and protect the 1.9 millions people who work in hospitality.

This discount, for the month of August, offers dinners 50% off any meals up to a maximum of £10 per heads, courtesy of the tax payers. It’s the latest of a series of Government’s efforts to tackle soaring unemployment. Will popular schemes like this one be enough to rescue the economy?
Let us list a few Businesses currently offering amazing deals to encourage you to come out and enjoy the outside world again:

 Cocos Bar and Kitchen 
BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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