£2 & Single – Boiled Dumplings #Wiley #OBE

1 year ago

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Fried dumplings are savoury. Festivals are sweet. They both require baking powder. Boiled dumplings are very basic to achieve as they only require a good hand to achieve a dough out of water and plain flour. 

They are a great substitute to rice or vegetables when your finance do not allow you to go there. The gravy you will eat them with, makes the dumplings or breaks them. Very filling, they are a treat rather than a cheap alternative!

Current Gossip on Social Media: Wiley, UK Grime Artist, is attracting media and lawsuits attention from his Instagram Videos. He discussed PUBLICLY practice by the Jews community of their business handlings of Black Talents and their contracts. PUBLICLY is usually not happening due to NDA contracts (non-disclosure agreements) allowing a business to shut down a Black talent trying to discuss why they are put on ICE. It is a very positive outcome when online posts are now spreading from people “coming out” with their own experience with Jews. I personally look forward to be accused of Anti-Semitism when I would not even be able to tell you how a Jew look like, unless they wear their hats on their way to whatever gathering particular to their lifestyle.

I wear my ignorance of people as a badge of honour! I walk in my life towards personalities (even take my time with hostile ones – mental issues and projections are no laughing matters) and remove myself from those who do not match my own. Your skin colour or “Semite” identity is too much information for me. Same with your sexuality. There are acquaintances in life. And there are friends. Not everyone is welcomed to subject you to the details of their personal choices then get offended for your lack of enthusiasm about it.

These new recipes are gladly mixing current events and online outrages. Look away now if you do not like “Weather talks”, it is traditionally done while cooking a good meal.  

Budget for Ingredients

  • 300 g of  Plain or Bread Flour

ASDA – Bread Flour


BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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£2 & Single - Boiled Dumplings #Wiley #OBE
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Course Single
Prep Time 30 minutes
Course Single
Prep Time 30 minutes
  1. Mix all ingredients until you form a dough. Boil little balls pressed into flat circles. The dough can be immediately used as it does not contain any raising ingredients (baking powder or yeast) Boil for 20+ minutes until the dumplings float rather than sink at the bottom
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