£2 & Single – The Art of Salads: Irish Kipper Fillets #TransWoman #Lettuces

2 years ago

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Every single time the words “Salad” and “Diet” are used too close next to each others, I CRINGE. Salads are so amazing. By the power of a brand new dressing (French Vinaigrette, Honey & Mustard, Garlic & Herbs, Balsamic …) you can make a same lettuce taste totally new in your mouth! Add the right combination of vegetables or fruits then you got yourself a lunch, keeping you filled until dinner. Lettuces are like “WOMEN”, there are a variety of them: Romaine, Iceberg, Leafy … Some lettuces are crunchy and tasty, some are soft and on the quiet taste.

According to current discussions on Social Media, Women are not to be defined as “able to bear a child” as it is dehumanising and patriarchal. Woman is a term that you should not defend and fight for as if your identity and livelihood depend on it. You should let go of the term “Woman” to allow “Trans Woman” to feel like their humanity and right to identify a certain way is respected. In the name of fighting patriarchy, will women who are NOT born as woman owe any explanation to heterosexuals?  Will transgenders provide clarifications to “Cishet” when dating, respecting their rights to be heterosexual AND seeking a union with “born as a woman” women? Normativity and social constructs are the enemies we all need savings from, according to the LGBTQ community. Come back soon to receive your new opinions and instructions from another human being. 

These new recipes are gladly mixing current events and online outrages. Look away now if you do not like “Weather talks”, it is traditionally done while cooking a good meal.  

Budget for Ingredients

  • 250 g of  Sweet corn



  • 102 g of Irish Kipper Fillet




  • Recommended dressing: anything tanguy (vinegars, limes) to celebrate a fish – smoked salmon, smoked mackerel …
BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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£2 & Single - The Art of Salads: Irish Fillet
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Course Single
Prep Time 15 minutes
Course Single
Prep Time 15 minutes
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