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1 year ago

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Currently, Social Media is in a frenzy because Rapper and petty Dad 50 Cent has expressed his preference for “Exotic” women. A very strange situation as men and women should have a right to their own choices and source of happiness. This man is not even the best option of a Dad you could choose for your children (even after being rich) based on how he treats his own son!

Now, let us appreciate the type of exoticism we love: the ones for a deal and a price. Trust a Mango connoisseur, LiDL and Aldi would usually be the place you will want to buy your unit of mango for less than £1. ASDA will deliver the occasional quality, subject to the origin of the mangoes (Brazil is a sure bet) for exactly £1 per mangoes. Morrisons is beating everyone with this current deal: £2 for a bag of 5+ mangoes, green as I personally like them. To be ripen at home if you don’t know how to create an amazing salad out of them. Surprisingly, the massive Mangoes from Africa are often the ones that are tasteless, green or ripe. Not always, but too often.

But with our next eBook, “Eat like a King on a Pauper’s budget – 7 days & Single – £2“, you will experience this delicacy from French Guiana!
Some people love it. Some people cannot get over the fact that Mangoes are fruits, therefore you should not, according to their own taste buds, eat them in a salad. 

Note: the best places in England to buy Mangoes are in Markets. You will usually achieve a box of Mangoes for £5 or more and achieve more mangoes than you can handle in a week. 

Budget for Ingredients

  • Ripen at Home Green Mangoes



  • Recipe included in our next eBook:


  • Recipe included in our next eBook:

Finely cut

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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£2 & Single - Mangoes Salad
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Course Single
Prep Time 15 minutes
Course Single
Prep Time 15 minutes
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