AFRIBEAN PODCAST: Video Editing with NO skills, NO budget, NO download #PAIDpartnership

    This week, we are starting our Monday answering a question that is often asked about content creation. Social Media users are increasingly very good at producing contents with highly profesional quality! How do they do it? Or are they already gravitating (through school or work) in the creative field?

    To the question “what is the best software to use to create contents, like videos?” – the answer is more likely to be << >>. They are the life line of the creative industry, the best at it. On top of being technical, borderline complicated, Adobe is not cheap with an average of £50 per month for the full package to use their softwares. The next best friend for your content creation would be << NCH Software >> which offers a suite, similar to the previous aforementioned. You will get away with paying an average of £15 every three month to use each one of their software or £25 per year.

    We do have an answer for those who have a NO BUDGET, NO SKILLS, NO DOWNLOAD requirement. Isn’t it very annoying to download these random apps/softwares on your phone or computer and have advertisings or spams crawling behind your active windows. The most you will spend is less than £10 if you want to try Microsoft stream.

    Artwork creation:

    Video editor:

    Audio recorder: “Voice recorder” included in your computer softwares


    Basic video finishing touch: “Video Editor” included in your computer software

    Tools to manage your videos: “Microsoft stream” (business solution at £6/month per employee)

    FREE webinar/meeting creation: “Google meet” (option to record your meeting included in Microsoft Stream).

    Today is Monday 4th of October, Black History Month, and we are listening to “Ayo” by SIMI (Nigerian singer).

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