AFRIBEAN PODCAST – Paid promotion IS cool #PaidMarketing

    Karen Civil is charging for her work … and her work does not consist of cheating the numbers, through fake followers, likes or paid playlists. Branding is about knowing what your business looks like and showing it to your audience exactly like they should perceive it. Without any strategy, paid promotions mean nothing except a return on investment that will never see the light.

    We discuss three points this week:
    1. What is marketing?
    2. What is Organic marketing?
    3. What is Paid marketing?

    Paid promotion includes direct sponsored posts (provided by the platform you are using) or paying a third party which often uses a software (bot accounts).

    And we are listening to the song “PLayer” by Lylah ft, Elji Beatzkilla. Lylah has just released a song, “Bad Boy”, which let you know that she, too, has experienced a time-wasting situationship with a great looking man.


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