AFRIBEAN PODCAST – What is the 419? #KarenCivil

    Karen Civil is finally having her Saturday! Did you ever hear about the saying: ” Each pig got their Saturday”, regarding their day of slaughter. Literally … The Internet is firing left and right on this brand strategist, who is very good at marketing herself and her connections, but always slow to promote her clients or mention them or the work she is commissioned to do for them. Karen Civil, an haitian Brand Strategist, artist’s PR and photo-op philanthropist, is finally going under scrutiny. Intimidating people into not speaking up of their experiences working with you is the first sign of gatekeeping.

    SCAM REINE strikes again … in total silence!

    Today is Monday 20 of September and we are listening to two songs:

    “Closer to God” by D Smoke and SIR
    “Yebo/Sema” by Masego

    With Love,


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