AFRIBEAN Podcast – Dating & Younger men (?)

    It’s Monday 13th of September 2021. Why push back, again and again, the day when I start this podcast? I decided to get better at it, gradually LIVE on Afribean’s own platform. Then once I am ready, I will bring it to other platforms like YouTube, Patreon and so forth …

    EPISODE 1: Today, I am talking about ANXIETY and losing one’s confidence. It is hard to get yourself back up. But if you put one foot at a time, you can eventually get there. Have a listen and don’t knock a girl for her French accent!

    EPISODE 2: I joined a great dating App for Black singles. It delivers what it promises. It also gets you a lot of younger men into your direct mesage. I personally do not find this as a good sign of a healthy community, when our young Black men are trying any form of private relationship with women that are older than them. Would you do it? Not me …


    Song: Tadow by Masego


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