Men have been my main customer base. They tend to find their way to my coaching services because of relationship issues with women/girls or with themselves. Confidence seems to be what is lacking. I am an outspoken confident man, therefore I should be able to “TALK THEM THROUGH” the path to confidence.

So they think! Self improvement is the only way. Not my words. Not my own swag.
I had to build mine: with time, perseverance and discipline. But it came from a place of knowing myself, the Man in that Mirror.

Business Clients

I provide Coaching to men, business’ owners or on the verge to be, who need focus, strategy and support in their endeavour

Private Clients
I assist men who are going through a challenging time (for whatever personal reasons) and require a support system or advices

Inner City Youth
I am a good listener and I have a soft spot for younger men if you just need a quick ear in time of distress. Discounts are available for you. And I also volunteer weekly providing free time-slots for some boys asking for my help.

Long Term Coaching
Do you need a personal life COACH – and you define the terms for your conditions?

Coming Soon
I am currently working on contents directed at children experiencing bullying, having difficulties to fit in (due to problems at home or school), overcoming tragic events or having growing issues with their self esteem.This project, that might be delivered as a new YouTube channel or an easy to install and accessible App, is very important to me. Hearing recently of the death of young black kids committing suicide at as young of an age as 8 year old just break my heart.
And sitting idle, arguing semantics with YouTubers who might have themselves experienced challenging memories as kids leading them now to express their pain online through “red pills contents” is not the way forward to me.