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Introduction | Women Need Self Improvement Too

A Lifetime of Disappointments and Heartbreak

  • A Lifetime of Disappointments and Heartbreak
  • Never Be A Slave To A Man
  • Men Like A Challenge
  • Knowing When To Let Go Of A Relationship
  • Love Is Respect and Respect Is Love
  • Pay Attention To How He Talks About His Ex Girlfriend’s
  • Some Men Don’t Want You To Level Up
  • Why Do Men Cheat On Women | THE PRACTITIONER SPEAKS
  • How and When To Be VULNERABLE With A Man

About MEN

  • Does He See You?
  • How To Make A Man LOVE You?
  • Never Do This To A Man
  • Should Women Make HIM Wait
  • The #1 Guy To Stay Away From
  • Dating Men With Mommy Issues
  • Watch Out For A Man’s Insecurities

About SEX

  • What Good D*ck Does To Women | The Perfect Package
  • What Do Men Want and Need
  • Be Careful Using Sex
  • The Dangers Of Using Sex As A Weapon
  • How Women Should Use Sex
  • Never Let A Man Shame You Into Having Sex

About Family

  • Why Some Men AVOID Women With Kids

About Society

  • The Most Important Things Women Need From Men
  • The Thing About Men Women Need To Understand
  • Why I Still Believe In Love
  • Masculine Independent Women vs Feminine Independent Women | THE PRACTITIONER SPEAKS

About YOU

  • Ladies, Have You Mastered The Simple Things
  • Chasing Mr Right
  • Stop Lying To Yourself
  • The Angry Black Women Title
  • It’s Time For Self Reflection
  • The One Guy That You Love Regardless
  • When Should Women Submit To A Man
  • Stop Trying To Be Your Man’s Mother
  • How To Catch A MAN’s ATTENTION

How To Tell If A Man Genuinely Likes You

Paying attention to all the signs rather than projecting your wishes on your reality: