Thank you for considering me as your next Coach, for a few hours or for more than a few days or weeks!

If you are here, it’s because you are more likely experiencing a road block and feel the need to talk it through with someone that will listen. No judgements. No solutions. Not yet, at least …

We are about to enter a Coaching relationship. Repeat after me:WE are about to enter a Coaching relationship“.

If you have watched my video “Let’s get personal”, you are familiar by now with the idea that I do not entertain “vulnerable women”. I am not a predator, I am a healer. And we will work together in that capacity. No refund can be provided on the basis that our consultations did not take the direction you expected or wanted them to. Your temporary issues cannot (and will not under my watch) be replaced by a scenario in your head that included me.

Now we got that part out of the way: How Can I be of any assistance to you?

Business Clients
I provide Coaching to women, business’ owners or on the verge to be, who need focus, strategy and support in their endeavour

Private Clients
I assist women who are going through a challenging time (for whatever personal reasons) and require a support system when all else has failed

Very Private and Temporary Clients
I am a good listener if you just need a quick ear in time of distress. We can find a solution or you can just vent and appreciate none coming from me

Long Term Coaching
Or you need a personal life COACH – and you define the terms for your conditions