Eat Like a King started with “on a Pauper’s Budget” when the first lockdown hit the world and put everyone in rationing mode. We tried to save our readers’ mindset from feeling hopeless with only a one pound sterling budget to live on, each day.
Somehow, the idea of budgeting is still associated with “poverty” (a bad word?) and stinginess. We are now, slowly, moving away from this stigma with a new line of recipes book, faithful to our main principle: EAT LIKE A KINGLearn to cook simple and delicious recipes borrowing from different cultures to achieve daily munch and easy lunch. You will be able to call yourself a good cook by the end of each chapter.
Quick Meals is the everlasting recipes book sharing with you tasty and printable recipes, ONE Chapter at a Time. Each Chapter contains a theme of dish type, from appetizers, main meals to desserts and cocktails drinks.

Grilled Salt Fish

In French Guiana, Salt Fish....

Fish in Tomato Sauce

Fresh fish or sliced frozen....

House Special Noodles

Make use of your left over....

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