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Here is your opportunity to engage your readership! PREVIEW are always free and accessible to all, no restrictions or registration needed.

The fun has started. Your book is now fighting against other books to grab everyone attention: THREAD Lightly.

In BOOK format:

This is Your Book’s description. Like a Back Cover, it tells your audience about what they are about to read. Unlike a Book’s Back Cover, You are not limited in lenght … although it would be smart for you to be concised. Because next comes your PREVIEW >>

PRICE: Your book is either FREE or it has a full price to be paid by your readers. They can pay the total price of your book from our “Book store” or they can pick and choose to pay for each chapter individually. Logic will want them to pay one chapter at a time. But you never know if one of your reader just want to go straight to a chapter and for what reasons (loss of original hardcover, specific knowledge for exams or self-help, research papers …).

Word Count: To Be Confirmed! Unless you already know exactly how much words your completed book will have. If you are writing your book as you deliver it, you will not be able to confirm this information until your book is finished.

Chapters: you really need to know this number in advance. Your chapters will determine the price of each one sold, as we only allow “evenly priced” chapters (full price divided by numbers of chapters). You can change this number down the line, but it will not automatically be accepted.

Frequencies: Your Chapters will be delivered every Day, Week, Month or bi-weekly, bi-monthly … You choose your strategy

Nationality: The Author is coming from somewhere, even if he/she is writing or being published somewhere else. We want to know where you are coming from or where your heart is now.

Completed: Your Book is either already completed or it is under construction, while being delivered to the readers.
The Author is “Full Risk” when he/she has not submitted the finished manuscript and the audience is reading the chapters delivered. We are all waiting for the ones promised, next. This is why we called the Author “full risk”.

The Author is “Risk-Free” when he/she has submitted the finished manuscript (with no obligation to stick to it words by words). Comes Rain Or Shine, we will deliver the chapters as promised and on the date expected. This is why we called the Author “risk-free”.

Reading Level: The readers can know the level of knowledge or education expected brfore reading the book: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

eBooks: by default, the numbers of people able to access your eBook is set to “10000000”. Should you sell more copies or chapters than this number of readers, we will manually increase this number.

Start Book: When does the show starts? Technically the Author will provide in its book’s description a link to the preferred Social Media from where LIVE discussions, conversations and Q&A will be delivered. Otherwise, are you really understanding streaming your eBook for Social Media entertainment?

Hardcover: Can this eBook be bought as a printed version? Hardcover or paperback … It’s Yes or No. We only list Hardcover or Paperback for which we received a minimum of FIVE copies, for our own stock. No fees or admin charges is retained from the sale of your five first books. We will automatically re-stock if/when it has sold out the first time, at wholesale price from the publisher or author.

(About this Book): 

Table of Content: Each Chapter is listed here, in order. The first Chapter is always: Preview – Name of Your Book. This preview is available to all and for free. Every other chapters are priced evenly from the full price of your eBook.

For example: 

eBook: £19 — All Chapters (10 chapters in total)
Chapter 1: £1.90
Chapter 2: £1.90
Chapter 3: £1.90
etc …

It makes it even easier for people who are not bookworms to attack one Chapter then want to read the rest of your book, if entertained. Brilliant, right?