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Under The Mental Health Act – My 911 is a biography by Sylvaine Francis that does not require the word “Allegedly” or readers’ vote of confidence in what is told. The perfect fictional non fiction for the new Year 2021.

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Description: Do Mentally ill people have a story? Or do you get into the habit of telling it on their behalf. What happens when they beg to differ? When they don’t want to be the vessel to your need to talk about that headache you had in 1986 which is similar to that unexplained depression they are going through.

Imagine a world where a mentally ill person could go to the bank of England and request their card: the one that entitles them to remind any Church they walk past about 2000+ years of collection plates that is now due to them!

Manipulation and scamming are not my idea of fulfilling my existential questions or yours! In this book, I volunteer my biography as it happens. Not as it was told. In this book, you will also find out why Wiley, the Godfather of Grime in the UK, went into a wild rant. He cannot talk, yet. But I can, I am not restricted to do so. He has no mental illness. He had principles. The ones John Legend chose to not defend loud enough, long ago.

I will apply as many details as pressures are applied to me. Or as less details as solutions are offered to me. I will also share my takes on deeper subjects attached to my first hand experiences of politics, religions, science and the new world of transhumanism, badly introduced by conspiracies around the Covid-19 vaccine.

Purchase Note: Each Chapter will be released in full every Friday from the 29th of January. eBook will be completed by the 2nd of April 2021. Chapters are sold in chronological order.

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