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September 9, 2020 3.5K Views

kweliTV allows you to discover and celebrate black stories from around the world through curated independent films, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news, and events/live experiences. The global black community refers to the communities throughout the world of African descent who are comprised of unique cultures and histories from North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.
We aim to showcase high-quality content (independent film, news, web shows, kids programming, documentaries and more) produced by independent, globally diverse and unique filmmakers and journalists who aim to share their stories and truths with the world. 98 percent of our films have been official selections at film festivals and more than half are award-winning. Did you know that 60% of our revenue goes to our 300+ content creators every quarter? A large portion of your subscription supports the filmmakers who create the content you watch on kweliTV!

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Sylvaine Francis

If you do not want to watch underaged "cuties" twerking, put your money where your mind want to be

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