<< *Connectals* your alternative to Zoom created by a black New Yorker. Uses less data and allows up to 300 people in a meeting.

Black Community is becoming creators instead of just consumers >> Huw Bellot

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  • Connectals allows attendees to join meetings quickly on mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and webpages for a seamless conferencing experience across platforms
  • Integrates with native calendar applications so you can view your scheduled meetings and receive meeting reminders
  • Join meetings on your phone anytime, anywhere for a seamless conferencing experience
  • Connectals features HD video, intelligent noise cancellation, as well as beauty filters and background customization
  • It comes with AI-based speech enhancement and high fidelity processing algorithms to minimize ambient noise
  • Maintain smooth audio and video delivery even during excess packet loss
  • Connectals enables real-time screen sharing on PCs and mobile devices with automated watermarks, making presentations clearer and more interactive.
  • Instant text messaging facilitates discussions without disrupting meetings
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