These beautiful designs for your bathroom will make your Home Sweet Home stand out in your circle. Shout your origin with style not anger

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My need for a better, more natural looking doll with a natural darker skin color gave me the idea to create Natural Nubian Dolls. I have created 2 dolls named Cleopatra and Malia so far and they are gorgeous. Malia’s hair is short, kinky and as all over the place as mine while Cleopatra’s is a lot longer but just as curly. They both have beautiful chocolate brown skin that matches most African skin tone. I could not have been happier the first time that I saw them. It’s like the insecure kid in me suddenly realized that I was really beautiful and that all those hours and money I spent trying to straighten my hair was time and effort wasted.

I wanted to make more Natural Nubian Dolls not just for my baby girl but also for other parents with African descent to give to their little kid.

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Date: July
Delivery: We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations

Take advantages of being a registered member of AFRIBEAN dot BIZ! Natural Nubian Dolls is offereing different sales specially curated for US

Follow the link below and get your dolls at the image of your Natural Self:

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