Have you ever tried our French Caribbean Hamburger, the BOKIT ?
What is similar with the classic hamburger? The rounded buns.

Why it is nothing like the classic hamburger? The buns are fried in deep oil from a handmade dough, giving it a unique “fresh dumplings” taste (to give you an example you are more likely familiar with due to the Jamaican heritage and “close” relationship with English speaking Countries).

The Bokit Truck – current favourite from our caribbean stars

The fillings are however out of this world! Coming to study in Universities in France put a lot of French Caribbean students in the awkward positions to experience their first “chicken sandwich” in France. The most traumatic experience that is commonly talked about in Guyane, Martinique and Guadeloupe


You ask for a “chicken sandwich” and expect one of our delicious French Caribbean sandwiches. You end up with a fresh baguette, sure. French national are reputed for their patisserie. Yet, the “chicken” they refer to in their marketing menus is a slice of “ham-looking” chicken.

PAUL’s Sandwich Pavot Poulet

In the French Caribbean, you wake up looking forward to your morning sandwich with a delicious and  freshly squeezed exotic fruit juice. Ham sandwich is our solution when you are experiencing hard times in life. Many students, including me, have reported calling their family, crying, because their last euros was wasted on an “ham sandwich“.
This is a Caribbean Sandwich!

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