Advertise your Courses, Events and Discounts to be found immediately by customers

Self employment is a breeze when you start seeing the fruits of your labour on your bank account. Despite the fake war between
“9 to 5” career minded individuals and proud Business Owners, everyone wants the healthy routine of a successful and rewarding activity.

Joining a Network of like minded professional is the first step after you have dominated your own tasks, daily deadlines and obligations. They bring more solutions than problems, beyond the stereotypes about Black Customers or Black Businesses

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In Person:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Leaflets
  3.  Friends, acquaintances and network invitations to a Sale or Event

As a Brand:

  1. Social Media profiles (twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin …)
  2. Website (free or paid solutions)
  3. Marketing SOLO (promoted posts)
  4. Marketing in a Network (join groups and online meet-ups)
  5. Marketing with Influencers (negotiate a budget and the targeted outcomes)
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