We are a Natural Hair & Skin Care company. We sell products for all hair types, from 4C to curly European hair. We specialise in chemical free and natural products: All sulphate free. Mostly organic. All tried and tested. With FREE delivery options.

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Trademarked and serious about bringing natural hair care to you whilst championing other small businesses, all while doing what we can to maintain group economics. Moor Hair, proud to be different.

We organise each year our ANNUAL FESTIVE SOCIAL end of year fair with music and good vibes!!

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Date: Sunday 23 February 2020
Time: 11am – 6pm

Location: GO Detox, Health Suite
204 Parma House Clarendon road – Wood Green N22 6UL
Organiser: @hcr1055 Hair Care Revolution

You will learn more about your hair and what it needs in 1 DAY than you have known YOUR WHOLE LIFE.


What’s in store?

We have gathered the best hair & health experts , celebrity hairstylists and cosmetic science professionals to share their expert advice with you.


At this event you will find out: 

  • your hair type
  • the current condition of your hair 
  • how to achieve your hair and health goal, how to restore damaged hair, growth …
  • technology driven insight about your current health
  • answers to your hair & health questions from expert 

Our BOB Profile: Moor Hair ltd

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