AFRIBEAN dot BIZ is Your ONE STOP platform to find the next HOT dates & activities by a #BlackOwned business & all self employed creatives, worlwide!

We are not in the business of listing businesses. It is a great line of business but many websites are already doing just that. We aim at making Black Owned Businesses DISCOUNTS and EVENTS easy to find, in one simple search. No scrolling, no long talks.

We also blog about the very Events and Discounts that have been added. Blogging about our BOBs is just our care package to ensure that they stay in their potential customers face, until they are ready to spend their hard earned money. We market our BOBs! From August, we will also grab our brand new camera and floud everyone timelines with amazing pictures of their locations, moments and founders. We love a good “behind the scenes” story. You will, with us.


AFRIBEAN dot BIZ create websites. You do have the option to build your own website, for free or for a higher price than our offer. What you do not have yet is our great capabilities to get you out there, on the world wide web, among a Network of BOBs ready to do business to business or share their own customer base with you. Recommendation and word of mouth exist between businesses who are NOT in competition with each others due to their activities!
It is in the interest of an accountant that his/her clients succeed, from a small business to a force to be reckoned with. Whatever your level of maturity as a BOB, know that higher levels are waiting for you to embrace them and do great business together: your success is needed. As a self employed black owned unit to a multi million family owned business with a voice for our BOB community.


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Launching today, Saturday 18 July 2020, at Noon (London GMT)

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  1. bob 18 July 2020

    Hello BOBs,

    I am the Official Curator of Comments, Contact forms and Customer services requests.

    Due to the volume of Spams making it into our BOBs emails, we usually do not advise to share your official email on Social Media. You might miss that important contact from your real customers.

    We therefore receive ALL questions to our BOBs first then forward only the emails that are genuine, to avoid upsetting our BOBs with unsollicited and unmanageable amount of direct emails from our website.

    Our BOBs success is paramount to us!

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