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We joined forces with India Harper from Baltimore to demonstrate some basic, entry level, Yoga moves. For those, like us, who associated Yoga with Russel Simmons and successful or busy westerner in need of spiritual path, YOGA WITH INDIE will give you a taste of why this stretching practices have more to offer than the ideas you can make of it. After experiencing back pains, working in a warehouse, Yoga was the most sensible methods to rediscover muscles which has been strained and injured. It also helps you to get in touch with part of your body you might have not been aware existed before, as Yoga is about muscle training rather than muscle gaining, like when you go in the gym. 

India Harper is a student in Therapy and Mental Health Counselling at the University of Baltimore. She has studied Psychology in an HBCU, Morgan State University. She aims at getting her masters in Therapy with a BS in psychology. After practicing Yoga for about three to four years, she wants to combine Yoga and Therapy in the future.

On top of providing Yoga classes, she manages her own online shop, POWERFUL OMNI:
She sells African wax, fabric, organic herbal tea, candles,  incense holder, and satin durags.

You could win a Clear Glass Tea Cup from her last giveaway. Check her instagram (@YogaWithIndie) or Facebook (India Harper) for more opportunities to attend her classes or buy her products at a discounted price.


  • SHORT YOGA: 0-30 minutes
  • LONG YOGA: 31-60 minutes
    – 3 yoga sessions
    – 4 yoga sessions
    – 5 yoga sessions
    – Group classes (1-9 adults) priced per person
    – Group classes (10+ adults) priced per person
    – Group classes (kids) priced per kid

We went LIVE for the first time with INDIE on Monday 12th of July 2021 from Baltimore to LONDON for a full body stretch yoga session. All you need to watch the replay, is your Mat and some water!

India Harper | Yoga with Indie and Afribean from LONDON

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