Defamation lawsuits or Clout Chaser: when a Ritual Goes Wrong #BUCKBreaking

May 9, 2021

Sunday series: reflection on US, Black people and our relationship with ourselves and unsolicited relationships with others (unsolicited because “slavery was 400 years ago, get over it” reflexes from everyone around us – except us).

Science will say that baby Jack died because of his mom being unaware of her pregnancy and taking harmful medication to deal with her breast reduction. Stillbirth and miscarriage are heartbreaking events on the increase for women (‘My intuition was to hide my experience to protect my image’: Rise of miscarriage leave prompts debate around pregnancy discrimination – Digiday

Folklore will say that a ritual went awfully wrong! If you know, you know… Lawsuit your way into THAT one.

Tariq Nasheed is a << Foundational Black American #FBA , a journalist and the world’s number one Race Baiter. He baits Racists and exposes them>>. After the popularity of different terms to include minorities in the political landscape, ADOS is a favourite and contender, acronym defining NINE different “things”:
ADOS: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule
ADOS: American Descendant of Slavery
ADOS: Active Duty Operational Support
ADOS: Automated Document Ordering System
ADOS: Aeromedical Dental Squadron
ADOS: Attention Deficit Oh! Shiny!
ADOS: Attention Deficit … Ooo Shiny!
ADOS: Admit Day of Surgery
ADOS: Augusta Department of Safety

It is safe to say that wanting to be part of the “ADOSlescent” term standing for “American Descendant of Slavery” is not very progressive or specific enough. BAME is an acronym for “Black Asian and Minority Ethnic” common in the United Kingdom, used to describe non-white ethnicities. FBA was a very great idea to keep the focus of policies and funding on the Black Community in America as a sole recipient, should any legislation be passed like the ones achieved for the ASIAN community. Stop ALL HATE is how you use the FBA acronym. Tariq Nasheed has unfortunately made headlines and attracted negative attention by already using the term FBA to remind immigrants of Caribbean or African descent that they are not to be the voice of African American. A valid point when it is not pushed too far into shutting down the rights of AFRIBEAN to voice their discontent with or on behalf of the Black community in America.

African immigrants tend to succeed at a greater rate in the US due to their drive and focus to take any opportunities for climbing the social ladder, even with a lot of degrees under their belt. The competition against FBA is not really existent as the American dream is not about staying into these secure jobs and achieving promotions with any employers. FBA want their own American dreams: successful entrepreneurs, singers, entertainers, athletes … anything worthy of media attention and access to mansions or gated communities. The ghetto is filled with dreamers competing against non-FBA for employee positions or illegal trades. The culture of Black American has never included immigrants with no connections to enslaved black American from plantations. Only recently, we find out that a rapper was born in Jamaica, or has parents from Africa. Press releases and album covers never entertained this aspect of African American’s personal lives. So, FBA is a differentiation that is a welcomed move in response to the very recent breakdown of who is really African American. Without Tariq Nasheed and this acronym the Buck Breaking of African American culture would be successful. You do not need to be part of the FBA to respect the benefit of what it is and what it can protect. One day Africa will be a United States of Africa and we will happily comment about African cultures and their achievements.

Tariq Nasheed has just released a movie which has been listed as the number one movie sold on Amazon, in DVD. During slavery, Buck breaking consisted in sodomising the strongest or most rebel slaves in front of everyone in order to re-establish obedience and increase fear of rebellious acts. The most Alpha Black males needed to be emasculated in the plantation, for all their families, friends to see, going as far as forcing them to have sex with each other and/or sexually abuse their own children or mothers. This is where the term “motherf*cker” is coming from. NOT from DMX or any contemporary vulgar rap songs! From the trailer, Buck Breaking seems like another attack on the LGBTQ community. Tariq Nasheed‘s stance against the resources spent to promote this community and their increasing gender creativity above other more urgent issues plaguing the Black community feels centered on the belief that being part of the LGBTQ community is by design and not by nature or genuine personal choice. Members of this community were allegedly engineered by “White supremacy” to not be straight and in support of a healthy traditional nuclear family. The argument that the GAY AGENDA is trying to decrease the Black community population is also offending a lot of same sex parents adopting black children from unhealthy black parents and broken families – drug addicts parents, orphans, neglected or abused children. Buck Breaking is described as a Mockumentary targeting the LGBTQ community by linking their existence solely to the far away past and hateful actions of slavery; a sort of continuation of what was attempted on our ancestors and fought by civil rights “straight” activists.

Sexual orientation is a personal decision based on natural attraction for a particular gender (often from early age and even prior to puberty). Too many cases of sexual abuses have undermined the idea that same sex relationships came from a place of genuine orientation. The sarcastic statement that this gay generation is the immediate consequence and poster child of pedophile priests is another obstacle for educating those who push back against the raindow movement. Chemicals in food or water targeted for a particular poorer community is also used to explain the rise of people “coming out of their closet“. Inmates finding support to rehabilitate in society with the heavy help of successful members of the LGBTQ community help the stigma towards same sex or non-binary genders.

<< Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered an address to the Afrikan Black Coalition in Long Beach, Calif. During a portion of the lecture, the Minister recounted his battle and victory against cancer. He told the audience he was prescribed a drug that alters body chemistry to the degree that when men take it, they get the same symptoms women experience when going through menopause. And when taken for an extended period of time, this drug can also cause men to develop breasts.
Citing a scholarly article, “Neurohormonal Functioning and Sexual Orientation: A Theory of Homosexuality-Heterosexuality,” co-authored by Dr. Lee Ellis and Dr. M. Ashley Ames, and published by the American Psychological Association in 1987, Dr. Muhammad revealed how scientists have been researching “gender inversions”—switching male orientation to female and vice versa.
“The whole phenomenon of Black homosexuality today is a spawn of the White man’s science,” Dr. Muhammad argued. He went on to explain that over a span of 30 years, culminating in 1987, scientists had mastered creating both neurological and behavioral sexual inversions in lab animals, using five different strategies designed to produce the same outcome: a form of castration that essentially caused males of the species to behave and act like females, particularly after the onset of puberty>>.
Read this interesting article: 8 Disturbing Ways Society Is Feminizing Men Through Food And Products

Hormone therapy in children and young people

Gender dysphoria is the distress a person feels due to a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. The diagnostic label gender identity disorder was used until 2013 with the release of the DSM-5. The condition was renamed to remove the stigma associated with the term disorder. Some young people with lasting signs of gender dysphoria who meet strict criteria may be referred to a hormone specialist (consultant endocrinologist) to see if they can take hormone blockers as they reach puberty. This is in addition to psychological support.
The process described on the NHS’ website looks very balanced and “GAY AGENDA” free.
<< Treatment for gender dysphoria aims to help people live the way they want to, in their preferred gender identity or as non-binary.
your child is under 18 and may have gender dysphoria, they’ll usually be referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

GIDS has 2 main clinics in London and Leeds. Your child or teenager will be seen by a multidisciplinary team at GIDS including a:

  • clinical psychologist
  • child psychotherapist
  • child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • family therapist
  • social worker

The team will carry out a detailed assessment, usually over 3 to 6 appointments over a period of several months. Depending on the results of the assessment, options for children and teenagers include:

  • family therapy
  • individual child psychotherapy
  • parental support or counselling
  • group work for young people and their parents
  • regular reviews to monitor gender identity development
  • referral to a local Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPMHS) for more serious emotional issues
  • a referral to a specialist hormone (endocrine) clinic for hormone blockers for children who meet strict criteria (at puberty)

Most treatments offered at this stage are psychological rather than medical. This is because in many cases gender variant behaviour or feelings disappear as children reach puberty>>. Source: 

A changing world: the Cishet etiquette

How to be straight and non-homophobic towards a community that has fast-tracked the visibilty they deserved? What is the best practice in an ideal world where the LGBTQ community and the Black community do not clash or are separated? If you have a close friend or a child that is part of the LGBTQ community these are the questions you will naturally find answers for through books, groups, non-for-profits or political affiliations. Educating other into respecting the LGBTQ community and not be stuck with harmful stereotypes are actions that are taken to improve the relationship between binary and non-binary genders, heterosexuals and homosexuals. Online exchanges have allowed hostile arguments to prevail and valid ideas that the education about genders and sexuality were attempting to coerce younger and vulnerable minds to partake in not being clear about their sexuality, being curious in alternative sexuality or compassionate towards gender confusions.

Tariq Nasheed posted on the social media platform Twitter a video of a Black customer filming a case of bad customer service in a hotel. He added no particular comment, just describing the situation. The employee went into a melt down. No information was available that this employee was drunk, suffering from mental issues or that he was “gay”. Yet all of these were used against the person filming and Tariq Nasheed for posting the video. This violent employee was then worthy of being defended by the same lawyer in Miami (screenshotted above), who disregarded my own “mental illness” – as described by enthusiastic paperwork about me. This employee’s mental breakdown can be used for clout in a lawsuit against Tariq Nasheed? Mine is coming to the party, just slide in my email, Tariq. I am ready.

The conversations are performative online, being used to appeal to an audience. The music industry and entertainment world have completely changed gears toward integrating suggestive scenes, focusing on the sexuality of the LGBTQ community more than any other personal connections. Action movies would interrupt a very urgent moment with a kiss from the actor and actress in the middle of a burning or exploding building. Now, same sex actors or actresses educate you through sarcasm, intended to be a funny and educative moment, about how cishet reactions to their kiss and existence is worthy of interrupting the same burning or exploding situation. My solution, unconscious, was to be turned off by action movies, which I stopped to press play on long ago. It was not a heterophobe move. Just a lack of enthusiasm for the same format being used over and over again for action movies from the Western world. I turned to other Countries’ movies and their surprising cultures and sense of humour. The hollywood format became an annoying norm. Now that the kiss is LGBTQ, will I be accused of homophobia for not watching? I will still not watch a movie because they changed who is kissing. I also do not press play on any movie with same sex actors and their love story, coming of age uplifting storyline … Personal choice is the reason. I am not interested. Do I bring this online? No. I am so happy that the LGBTQ community have now their place in the entertainment industry. Not interested to comment on everything that they do. Not curious to watch what they do. The notebook was perfect for my cishet-self. A LGBTQ notebook movie would be perfect for those who need to see them self on the screen. Can we keep the heterosexual on the screen, though? With masculine or feminine traits. Not both…

UPPITY UNICORN I Tariq Nasheed: Buck Breaking (Full Video Review)

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