They are Dying for #BLM to Live #RealEstateMatters

9 months ago

Sunday series: reflection on US, Black people and our relationship with ourselves and unsolicited relationships with others (unsolicited because “slavery was 400 years ago, get over it” reflexes from everyone around us – except us).

The Scene (from reality NOT a Horror movie, allegedly): A twelve year old boy is alone, playing in a park. His race is irrelevant as his age cannot/could not/was not a cause for any mistake. He is only twelve and looks like an innocent child. A threat however exists: the capitalistic society he lives in sells toy-gun looking like real guns, because “boys will be boys” and they need something as real as possible to complement their imaginative games. 
Is TAMIR RICE imagining himself being enrolled as a soldier of the US army, saving and protecting civilians from real threats? Is TAMIR RICE playing the role of a police officer – in his head – chasing dangerous criminals in this deserted playground? The police officer who shot him “within two seconds” of getting out of his car didn’t care about a child. The 26 year old police officer, the current threat (or tool for spreading fear and control) in the United States of America, did not apply any scenario where he could have saved a young boy from playing with his parents’ real gun. In an European Country, TAMIR RICE would have been saved, not executed, for those who like to pin-point European racism for their competitive racism talking points. Yet, the US has always been and still is trusted to protect anyone from threats in other Countries, while unable to deal with their own bias in their own continent. You can trust “them” with people of a different skin color, different culture, different religion, far away in the Middle East. 
THIS SCENE IS THE ONLY GRUESOME DEATH OF A CHILD YOU will read about on AFRIBEAN Magazine (i.e. #SheClaims), sorry for the inconvenience caused and disappointments that have arisen from my own story. Hope you get well soon and look after your own Mental Health!

In the United Kingdom, an organisation called ” UK Caribbean Community”, boasting different groups ready to roll-out entertainment mixed with political views on their social media profiles, had made a statement about Grime Artist, Wiley. The statement made in August 2020 announced: << A very prominent black music producer in the UK is having mental health issues. Most of us will know about this already. Mental Health is not something that is talked about in the Caribbean/African/Black/Mixed circles but it is ravaging through our community like wildfire. Black people in western countries are more susceptible to mental health issues due to constant micro-aggressions and health inequalities. Make sure if you all adopt good mental health practices >>. They had no particular first hand information about this singer, no scoop about his private medical records or authority to speak on behalf of an alleged mentally ill sufferer. Faced with an online outburst between Wiley and an organisation named “Antisemitism”, this #BLMUK was ready to position themselves for funding and accolades, throwing quickly those they aim to represent (skin color wise) under a bus. Follow the money is the name of the game! The Mental Health system and Black people are the perfect combination for non-for-profit organisations in need of a secure meal tickets. A great thing if you compare how mentally ill people are treated in other Countries, Caribbean or African. In some part of Africa, they have demonic power or carry all sort of bad omens for everyone future. The caveat is that you will be eaten alive by the Western Mental Health gravy machine in the name of maintaining an organisation’s need for funding, regardless of location. Even if a few cases are being well looked after through shelter and fun activities, the overall damages and silencing of Black patients is the strategy that will prevail. Months later and with support for Wiley growing offline, what statement this organisation has to offer about Wiley now? Any more false information or creative writing about his Mental state? Do they continue to advocate on behalf of Black People or enforce the silencing of any Black voices, being louder than their own organisation? Reaching out to an Artist is how you care about their Mental Health, before making a statement. NOT playing into the clickbait and metric games for online trending topics or posts. Approach organisation claiming to support the Mental Health of their community with caution, their agenda will make or break your loved ones, with real mental issues. 

In the United States, which is the birthing place of this unfortunate slogan “Black Lives Matter”, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrisse Cullors, found in Facebook an ally blocking an article from The New York Post about her real estate interesting choices. Patrisse Cullors, 37, created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 and is an advocate for the movement, the abolition of Prison in Los Angeles and LGBTQ rights. Her reaction to this article, one day ago, consisted in crying and shielding any responsibility for transparency by using her skin color, her gender and the political divide Republican/Democrat: << Black Lives Matter founder breaks down in interview over right-wing attacks on her new home. Patrice Cullors describes scrutiny over her properties as a “racist and sexist” attack by right-wings media >>. Source: Independent.
Non-For-Profit organisations tend to generously provide for their funders and higher ranked staff while providing only volunteer vacancies and predatory marketing for their donations machine. Left on their own device, the tax refundable scheme quickly becomes a scam, which is where saving the slogan “Black Lives Matter” from this non-for-profit is a great cause of concern. Moms and Dads are in charge of telling their children that their lives matter. The community is in charge of enforcing that their lives matter, when surrounded with aggressions and state executions by Police brutalities. An organisation should NEVER carry these words, even if they were in support of the Nuclear Family and not using their members’ sexuality for “artistic activism”. Politicising the value of Black people is not understanding that in Politics, you will not always win votes, seats or support. And in a Democracy, this is a fair mechanism, when each community plays the push-pull games. The value of a Black person needs to be protected at all cost from the Marketing efforts and real estate ambitions of this organisation. Very soon, the sexuality of Patrisse Cullors will be used to undermine further the deaths #BLM capitalises on … Watch and learn!

Michael brown’s father wants 20 million from Black Lives Matter organization W/Mechee X

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