Reach The Room: Which One Is The One for YOU? #BlackTECH

9 months ago

Lockdown had put everyone in a “work from home” mode or connect with family and friends online. It was an appreciated novelty at first, with no particular obligations to wake up early in the morning to commute from home to work (using congested roads and public transports). Having more time to discover your family members, a full-on conversation with your children, also led to more divorce papers being hinted/filled for those who could not apply any meaning for their relationships – beside “quickies” in between busy schedules. Very few times was available to play couples – the ones society, the office or the private clubs had validated – compared to being a real couple.

Communicating online is made possible by different level of services, carrying their own energy based on the amount of privacy you are giving up to the world wide web. The older generation would want to have as less to do with Social Media as possible. The newer generation would be less likely to spend a penny to go LIVE when they are offered different options for free. Professional and employees are the main target for the paying services allowing staff and managements to interact remotely and keep audio or video trails of each meeting.

Meetings from your phones, PCs, tablets through your Social Media platform:

  • WhatsApp is the easily and widely installed App, offered when you buy your “android” phone. Their group chat has been popularised by family, friends and cross-generation discussions. African users often joke about their old parents’ prayers, bible quotes and late memes.
  • iOs or Android based video calls App, facetime or duo respectively, allow a more intimate exchange with people in your contact or mailing list. Microsoft is providing Skype. 
  • Social Media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Triller … to name the popular few, offer “room” services to facilitate both communication with friends/followers and LIVE public or private broadcast in each platform. Direct messaging also includes the option to create groups, for wider private discussions.

Video Webinar with secure communications, filters and background customisation:

  • Zoom has been the most popular paid service during lockdowns. Monthly services go from basic meetings to connectable LIVE webinar on Social media platforms. 
  • Connectals, a black owned business, provide the same services than Zoom, starting with a free monthly package for up to 200 attendees (

Conference Rooms with screen sharing for interactive presentations and instant messaging during the meeting: 

  • Streamyard allows you to simultaneously stream to all major social platforms from your browser. The easiest way to create professional live streams, Free trial then monthly or annual payments. 
  • PRISM Live studio is a video/photo maker App that allows you to create engaging Live streams, videos and photos through various effects and fun stickers. You can mutli-stream in 1080p high quality on many platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. 

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media App for iOs users that facilitates auditory communication through rooms accommodating groups of up to 5,000 people. The audio-only App hosts virtual rooms for LIVE discussions, with opportunities for individuals to participate through speaking and listening. This new App was the talk of the town, being blasted by blue-checked public figures and famous artists on other social media platforms. Join me on Clubhouse became CH room, as a cue for something exciting happening behind someone’s closed door. It reminded me when I was organising my webinars, #ZOOMBaClass at the beginning of year 2020, and failed to properly go LIVE after announcing it on all social media, because I paid the wrong package on Zoom: I paid for meeting not webinar. So, technically I am part of the idea and concept of announcing a LIVE while putting everyone in a position to not have access to it. Where is my royalty, Clubhouse? 
If you are on Android like me, not to worry, the audio App is not looking like it is worth $4bn … the hype has died down. And many are expressing their annoyance towards the energy in these rooms. 

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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