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9 months ago

Do you remember “Leezy LP“? Yeah … #MeToo (read our August 2020 article: here). The tragic story where Clout Games are more important than real lives. Some people will do anything for a come up, being fame or money! I meet plenty of this type of people and I am now in a new stage of my life where moving with caution is a must when dealing with people! Yet, they described themselves as highly educated, emotionally intelligent and spiritually connected to some higher power – better than the next person. All goes out of the windows faced with any opportunities to screenshot for doxing, or to promote their own hustle… Go figure! Maybe a Guru is needed to get them back to their higher self? Maybe an exorcist is needed to separate them with their own demons? I am done cracking jokes about this Ouija board… It’s only one pound at Poundland, or so I have heard.  

Black people are prone more than any other group to diabetes, obesity and life changing diseases. In the Caribbean, the healthy and earthy food we still have access to and eat does not put us at the highest level in statistics: << The age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes in adults was 9.6%; the second highest among the seven Regions of the International Diabetes Federation. This estimate is expected to grow to 9.9% by 2035. There was some heterogeneity in the estimates within the Region with the age-adjusted prevalence for the USA estimated at 9.2%, 7.9% for Canada, 12.6% for Mexico, and 9.6% for the Caribbean islands. Mortality due to diabetes in the NAC Region is not limited to older age groups, with 37.6% of deaths occurring in people under the age of 60. The economic impact was also enormous, with healthcare expenditure due to diabetes estimated at 263.2 billion USD for 2013 >> (source: Diabetes Research Clinical practice).
This article was inspired by Leezy LP, a 5.2″ model from French Guiana currently living in the United States. Gossip-wise, she is in a long-distance relationship now and seems very fulfilled with this new mystery man in her life. She manages a talent agency in France (Nakata Agency) and a personal training service online (Solution Fitness).

Personal training: Solution Fitness


She helps her clients to commit to workout routines from home by attending her online classes (costing on average $20 per session) and show you some gym routines in her videos. Being a skinny woman, I believe in her more than the naturally thick beautiful Black women eating their salads and constantly on a diet. This audience is more for Nakisha Taneil (Instagram: @LaViePhysique). I grew up with them, so I cannot believe the hype. They are built like this and only lose their frame when going through childbirth or depression. Everything else barely affect their body-built coca cola shaped silhouette, not even food. They do eat a lot but are capable of starving themselves punctually to get back in shape. So, I cannot take seriously their social media services. They are flaunting!

Instagram: LaViePhysique

Child pose, Bakasana/Crow pose, Plow pose … Is Yoga only about achieving “stretching” poses? Yoga is described by their practitioners as a spiritual practice, to relieve stress and anxiety, evolve spiritually in your relationship with yourself and with other. In the spiritual community they always tell you the issue is not in the other person, but in yourself. In a online yoga group I just joined, words of advice by Coach Ary are: << you’ll catch yourself annoyed with being the bigger person, being patient, and explaining yourself because you are approaching the situation with an expectation to begin with. And expectation comes from you feeling like you are sacrificing something important to you whether it is time, energy, space, feelings, or money. I am going to give you a hard pill to swallow…  Just because you are giving up something does not make a person obligated to extend it back to you & this is where the FIRST mistake is made.
Think about a situation where you are upset with a person and see what you feel like you are sacrificing & what you are expecting in exchange for what you are sacrificing. What you’ll notice is that having expectations come from feeling like we are sacrificing something therefore we are expecting something in return. Once you stop sacrificing what you feel like is important to you, your expectations, needs, wants, and desires fall away which will help you not experience so much disappointment What do you feel like you’re sacrificing and what do you feel like you are expecting in return for your sacrifice? >>. 

Being my first exposure to the world of Yoga, I would describe it as words of wisdom mixed with workout routine based on meditation. I am now closely following Coach Ary and will find out if she will succeed in getting me hooked on Yoga, which always sounded like training sessions for Vegan terrorists (only eating plant-based meals is a form of extremism, don’t @ me). 

A more academic approach to your mental fitness would be Dr Audrey Tang, a certified psychologist and Wellness Author. Her five tips in the British newspaper “The Sun”:
– Set yourself attainable goals
– Recognise what self-care means to you
– Keep a Mental Social distance
– Your physical health can affect your mental wellbeing
– Celebrate the little wins
Watch her video here

Another form of pampering is developing a hygiene routine, not linked to day-to-day obligations (work, school run, shopping …). A simple step to get you started is finding a line of products, in your price range, which work perfectly with your skin, your hair or your six senses – smell, texture, visual. I get excited by the brand Estée Lauder, although I am still appreciating “Vitamin“, a skin care line by Superdrugs. 
If following or trusting these online trainers and pro is too much, committing to a morning workout is the best way to start your day and get you “adrenaline” pumped. Walking or running, instead of being locked into household duties like shopping, improve your relationship with yourself. ME time is the best time! A more extreme way to release some steam is to start a combat sport, from dancing to straight fighting: capoeira, self-defense classes, karate …
Talented individuals will go for expressing their emotions through painting, drawing, sculpting, writing a book, blogging stories. Whatever it takes, your inner self need that conversation: physical or emotional. Which one is yours?

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