Chapter 10 – 2021: Spending Someone else’s money #TheCompensation

Apr 2, 2021

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Preview: Chapter 10

Food tastes better when someone else pays for it. I do not know who raised you, Nigra, to be negotiating name-brand meals as part of your relationships, but food is really a whole love language all by itself. If a man cannot provide this basic pleasure, why are you even negotiating your humanity with these animals. I have exciting plans for my compensation money. I will not share it with you because I am not your unpaid ideas provider, which has been my position for an awfully long time (if you ask me, but you will not). What would you do with seven million – time two – hitting your bank account very soon? Let us dream together.
Did you take time to visit the new properties that you dream to live in one day? Or at least walk in the area you like if there are no showrooms to waste these seller’s time and mortgage advice. Knowing the exact price of your dream home is the first step of manifesting yourself in working towards it. I am already having staff issues while I am in receipt of benefits. The welfare system is my waiting room until these back pains and lawsuits are cleared. Any other way is not an option in my mind. And as per “Third-Party” usual, many other ways might be softly imposed just to prove a point. We have a “thing”, by now.

My last resort is to drive a car without a licence in this United Kingdom and triple dare the police that I am not “e.n.t.i.t.l.e.d” to drive without a licence in this Country. DWP will have to increase my allowances by the time I am done with all their paperwork … I would not even try the Church route as this might be a bottomless pit of Bible verses and misinterpretations or abuses (save the children, indeed). Do not make me play Jesus! These collection plates are looking very juicy, from the outside looking in. You have to choose your battle in this life. I can deal with the technicalities of driving without a licence. I think we are all exhausted by Chapter 10 in this here book. So, the title of this chapter will be spending someone else’s money, if you please.

The END.
(“Life is to be continued” … whispered Dark Matter)

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS