Chapter 8: Don’t Touch My Coach #TheBoogieman

Mar 19, 2021

I then accused this lawyer in Miami of being the one who had originated this video. She might have. Or might not have. But I was teaching her a lesson about unfounded accusations – be careful of false claims you involve yourself in, gyal!

Preview: Chapter 8

This is the perfect chapter to speak the words of love: chapter hate! Watching a popular YouTuber is a choice. Having access to them through their services, coaching in this case, is a luxury. I poured into The Boogieman everything that I was going through, for a price. I was then invited to keep pouring in exchange for my own personal skills, a win-win situation where no one was being taken advantage of.
Immediately, a friendship developed with my coach despite the language barrier and age difference. This combat veteran, with his storytelling skills and dope personality, was a very uplifting addition to my days made of unnecessary challenges and “dolo” routines on “9 to 5” treadmills. Our private conversations led to uninvited and unpleasant situations where I was expected to “explain my position” to his die-hard fans or followers who did not know to ask him directly. Somehow, and as per my usual, being nice and too friendly with those people led them to believe that they have arrived at their destination: access to my private life. I personally was not too enthusiastic about being referred to as “a roster”, if any relationship were imagined between us.

I did not appreciate the obsessions from my online postings on my personal Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. My social media were now the target of irrelevant clap-backs or nasty sarcasms. People are free to react to what you post on social media. So, I celebrated a few of them (my target “game” sample) and their freedom to an opinion by getting on board with their clap-back games which always consisted of referring to someone’s last online post while never mentioning them (like it was and still is done to me). I even had the honesty to discuss my own behaviour with my coach, with screenshots in hand. I am honest like that. Why play innocent in front of a man, then be a real “bridezilla” which is the role played by many women attracted to a man.
My coach is extremely attractive and unless I am invited to go beyond coaching and marketing services, I am not playing a cougar to any younger men on this planet earth. I happen to believe that people should stick to their own age range and humble themselves by aging beautifully. I had enough personal issues to be adding dry competition games between infatuated women and disgruntled exes. You have so many years and a head start on this planet, to do something about ageing, finding love and being happy; yet you invest your money in gigolos before you invest in ground-breaking science discoveries to extend your own lifespan (scientific facts, indeed)! Why do you try to compete with the younger generation instead of inspiring them to be more like you, without the retarded race to “being the bride”? Make it make sense, oh Lord!

So, when our “private” conversations started to appear on some people’s public timelines, I had no reason to believe that my coach was not part of the problem at hand. The chain of events between me and this lawyer in Miami led me to be cautious about not being manipulated into throwing my coach under a bus too soon. When you have experienced enough manipulative situations, like I was put in the unfortunate position to, you do not rush to become someone else’s pawn.

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS