Chapter 4 – The War Stopped: Wiley The Voice #TheResistance #MusicLovers

Feb 19, 2021

By now, is the TV still playing with my Landlord’s sanity and making him happy about an event that does not exist? I think even the TV stopped by then. It went back to normal. Or was it me standing by my window and engaging in conversations with passers-by that finally made the TV stop their game, involving – not John Legend – but Wiley too, this year.

Preview: Chapter 4

After what happened to me in September 2008 and the chain of events that ensued (mental health institutions, harassment on the low, depression and wrong medications prescribed), I do not even knock on my landlord’s bedroom door to double check what is going on with his TV. The synchronisation with me texting my coach, The Boogieman, in a state of “awakened dreaming” – with Wiley’s voice happily announcing some sort of [ details for a lawsuit if I ever can achieve one] while a crowd was clapping and cheering loudly to whatever he said on that TV was the new “game” in June 2020.

I cannot clearly recollect the order of events now, but I never misunderstood the intent: my landlord was watching his TV, celebrating an event – where promises were made about me – with Wiley (while listening to this Grime Artist’s voice only or visuals too – I did not ask him). This man was not aware that the broadcast was limited to his house and TV set only. No one else was receiving this live show on their TV! No one else will. I did not have the heart to tell him, but he eventually found out later. He had tears in his eyes and a broken hear … (we will not discuss by chapter six why it was not really the case).
During this state of “awakened dreaming”, my inhibition was not with me, my awareness was though. I was texting everything I was dreaming about to my coach – sitting on my bed wide awake – unable to feel any form of shame from oversharing the full descriptions of what I was “thinking” about.
I was aware that my coach’s patience was about to be tested by all those messages of a parallel universe made of different planets where humans were happy, and everyone got to choose which planet they wanted to live on. But I was not able to stop texting him.
It is a weird state of mind to be in. Is this a state of being remotely controlled or in delirium? If any of the above apply, why was I still aware of what was going on next door? I knew what “game” was being played on someone else. Why couldn’t I stop it from “being done” to me?
I knew that the voices I was hearing in my head – while all this was taking place in the room next door – had nothing to do with mental illness or schizophrenia due to the heavy British accent. They interactively adapted to whatever I was saying to myself audibly and continued talking relentlessly, trying to push me towards my breaking point, which – as far as “Third-Party” was concerned – simply meant dumping me nicely and safely in a mental institution.

Talking with my coach, a veteran of the US army, gave me many opportunities to share information online (via “private” DMs which they would prefer not to be made public). I was gaining credibility through this soldier’s stripes and services. That was problematic for them. I had been dismissed safely under the Mental Health Act for so many years, but now they needed me back in their basement. How long did the TV situation last? I do not know. I will just never forget the event that put a full stop to all these shenanigans, without warning. A music video of Wiley started playing on my phone (which was laying on my bed, on snooze). The sound, though, came from my speakers. Understand this: my speakers have no Bluetooth capabilities. So, that could have nothing to do with “Third-Party” busily broadcasting on next door’s TV. They can only go as far as the technology’s default settings allow. None of their technology can create functionalities on limited capabilities’ devices, from a distance. You do need to plug the wire of my speakers into your device to make it work. And, that part freaked me out more than “Third-Party” ever managed to. My speakers were not plugged into an electric outlet! Its main power button, the only one, was off! Yet Wiley’s music video “Quick to forget” kept playing, in sepia colours, on my phone’s screen (still on snooze) while I tried to inspect the sound coming from my speakers, attempting to turn the volume up and then down. No change. My phone and my speakers were now beefing with “Third-Party”, playing games on my landlord’s TV… in June 2020.
Something was about to go down; I was scared to death.

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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