SEXY: How Much Is TOO MUCH? #BlackQueen

8 months ago

Her thick girl privilege, the one you stare at when they put on the most simple dresses or the one that keep them apart in the middle of a dancing group, compensated for the suggestive moves.

Sunday series: reflection on US, Black people and our relationship with ourselves and unsolicited relationships with others (unsolicited because “slavery was 400 years ago, get over it” reflexes from everyone around us – except us).

Our H*E Timeline is giving you a visual and interactive idea of how to spot the rule of thumb for a WHOLE woman and a HO*E woman:

1 – A NUN has made a vow of abstinence and her love for the Lordt keeps her away from online porn or matter of the flesh. She is a woman who belongs to the man above the sky.

3 – Nesly, songstress of Zouk from French Guiana (and somewhere else), is a lively thickum who is not afraid to be herself and every woman, by the power of a different make-up, hairstyle and dress type. Her personality will not let you keep her in your back burner. Her talent speaks louder than her need to get undressed for social media.

4 – Chloe Bailey is a 23 years old beauty with a killer body. She is visually the loudest talent of the duo Chloe x Halle. Her innocence is still expressing itself with the fact that she does not need to dutty whine too low on the ground to attract attention.

5 – Bamby, songstress from French Guiana, is the perfect gatekeeper between good girls and bad girls. This playful amazon is not shy when it comes to backing it up on the dancefloor, Jamaican style. She also is naturally classy in her way to promote and interact with her audience, toying with her nasty girl side in her photoshoots and captions game.

6 – Lori Harvey‘s vajayjay is beating Cardi B to her game. This very classy young girl, through her lack of thirst for any explanation to every trend about her, is showing how a liberated young woman should carry herself: with dignity, beauty and beast moves. She is the stop sign before taking the road toward stripping and h*eing.

8 – Spice, Queen of the Dancehall, is everything that a Jamaican woman appears to be: dancing, dutty whining and dropping it like it’s hot. Her English will catch you with elegance when her Jamaican Patois is not ready yet to beat you up. She is still not a full on h*e like our Number 10!

10 – Cardi B is the Madonna of her generation but on steroids. This successful stripper-rapper is vulgarising the act of having sex and normalising the act of having it with anyone, once money or gifts are provided. While destroying the mind of many teenagers, her status as an attentionate mother grants her young people fascination for her relationship with her daughter. Making the idea of being pregnant attractive to unprepared girls.

BUSS IT Challenge

The Buss It Challenge is one of the harmless and innocent fun that the younger generation partake in, mainly using the App Tik Tok or Snapchat to share their comedic abilities live. You would have to be a party pooper type of grinch to feel annoyed or offended by these media they use to express themselves online. We, the older generation, are more into platforms based on writing contents and sharing ideas with words or meet-up apps. We do not dance, we do not sing, we mainly leave it to the ones who do these things for a living, while we like and share.

Some challenges have proven to be dangerously silly or blatantly questionable. A black woman put Gorilla Glue on her hair recently, for attention or for lack of awareness in the consequences. Children have died or ended up in hospitals after boarding unsafe challenges. The ones that concerned our theme, being sexy, are the opportunity for those women who join to show more and more of their naked body, nasty side or ability to keep up with Cardi. Chloe Bailey defied gravity with her very proportionate and thick body by submitting her video for the #BussItChallenge : she did not have to do much to win it. And that is what got many people in their feelings. A very slim and bony girl can try to execute the exact same moves than Chloe and she will look ridiculously vulgar. Chloe’s moves were suggestive. Her thick girl privilege, the one you stare at when they put on the most simple dresses or the one that keep them apart in the middle of a dancing group, compensated for the suggestive moves. Cardi B couldn’t follow her footstep as she always needs to open her legs while dancing. Chloe keeps them together and not too far apart! She knows her body and she is in tune on how to show as much of it with as less invitations to hit.


Chloe’s little sister, Halle, is not having the same thick girl privilege. For the simple reason that Halle is what “the other girls” in Destiny’s child were: slim-built. Her skin complexion is not at fault, as suggested with this group that belongs in Beyonce‘s past. Will Halle receive the same treatment as Solange against her sister Chloe? Unless this “other girl” becomes very successful in her own career as a singer or an actor, it is very likely. She already gives off that corporate world quiet vibe. Chloe has already demarked herself with her newly created Instagram account where she shares a lot of her playful self. She has still not fallen into the thirst-trap type of pictures of herself.

Thick girl privilege is not existent in the fashion world where the anorexic look is still preferred. It exists amongst popular and successful Black celebrities who mainly date beautiful women with a lot to offer: video vixen, eye candy and exceptionally proportionate and head-turning body types. This privilege get you to immediately being offered boy’s heart, men’s wallets and other women’s friendships. How do I know? Non-thick girls often develop an ability to make men laugh before accessing their gifts, or boy’s dramatic stories as they are confusing her for a nice looking shoulder to cry on. Non-thick girls constantly have to remind their humanity and appartenance to the feminine world before being treated fairly. Thick girls automatically get the Prince and his demonstrations of kindness. Non-thick girl have to fight this idea that she is now the place he can quietly call home, when he is tired with the game. Non-thick girl don’t get any games: plain husband and wife dynamic. Any tantrum to address the unfairness is not always appreciated by these frogs.


So, if Chloe Bailey was your daughter, how would you feel about her posting herself with confidence, in her underwear? She is a singer and she has a relationship to develop with her fans, who want more and more of her, while watching her growing into a woman. Your teenager might be a cause for concern for feeling so confident to do the same when you would prefer them sharing these types of naked trues with their other half only. The later, the better. Even if revenge porn is protecting girls and women online from being harassed with the very private pictures they shared with their ex, teenagers are less and less being raised in an environment which values boundaries and privacy. No particular discomfort is promoted about posting, privately or publicly, indecent pictures or videos with oneself. Cardi B is leading the way to a liberation of minds and a exploration for sex. The pronouns are also inviting curiosity toward genders rather than personal choices about sexuality.

Is sharing nudes the new normal for young people? And if yes, what is their relationship to their friends feeling mighty online, for all perverts to see. Having 5000 likes is such an event to be celebrated between them. How much attention they need on them to achieve these likes. Sex and Sexy would be a very interesting conversation to listen from teenagers of today. Any channel on YouTune where they are given a voice to express themselves?

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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