Chapter 1 – The War Starts: John Legend #TheCooperation #MusicWarfare

9 months ago

To be fair to “third-party”, they monitored (like they would usually do, as part of an investigation) my house, my workplace, my life … Where their investigation went “awol” is when you are not understanding who the person you are investigating is talking to.

Preview: Chapter 1

I used to be a bookkeeper after sitting open examinations, back-to-back, hitting top marks to become a self-employed account assistant for growing businesses or successful start-ups. Joining the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the largest bookkeeping institute in the world, gave me access to immediate gratification and opened doors to effortless listings of potential customers, one of the perks provided to ICB’s members only. I was, according to my clients, an extremely useful, flexible, and great bookkeeper. Until I wasn’t!

My main tool was of course a “cash flow forecast”, a spreadsheet I personally quickly treated as an extension of my daydreaming routines. The level of accuracy, when applied to one’s wishes, gives them that magical reach or forecast of amazing holidays, self-improvement, shopping treats and life changing events (first home, portfolio of properties, business ideas – as one of them was advertised on someone else’s social media account while you feel hopeless and muted by their fake claims). A cringe worthy realisation of how far the violation of my privacy could go, in the right “do whatever the F* I want and get away with it” hand.

So, when incomprehensible jokes were broadcasted on my TV about cash flow forecast, I immediately understood that the different skits I was watching, while crying, were specifically prepared for me: the dedication! It happened on the 24th of September 2008. I woke up early as usual, after doing an all-nighter catching up on my client’s transactions needing to be transferred from one accounting software to a new one which were both incompatible in terms of importing from a common file. Going to bed late and waking up early was my thing, being 30 years old. My lifestyle choice over the security of a job as an employee in exchange of the peace from answering to only my clients and the Invoices raised from our relationships. I do not handle human complexity and office politics very well. So, I really commend those who can, they are better than me and that is ok.

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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