Introduction: The Claim Vs The Lawsuit #SHEclaim

Jan 13, 2021

As far as Public information is concerned, I posted on the Social Media platform “Twitter” a simple message, in line with the general practice over here based on empty sarcasms and irrelevant clap-backs, in response to another user on Twitter, @GolferGirl305. My tweet, which from memory was “Make this man speak Russian, Keiko”, was an outburst from being still able to see updates from an account I have blocked. My bad if I didn’t realise I was logged from my business account and this very user was, Indeed not blocked from it. I was using the exact same Profile picture (a crop version of my business’ logo) for both my business account and my personal one. Don’t make that same mistake! I immediately offered apologies when I realised my mistake. Was it from a mental institution by then? Or was I still in the middle of a “situation” (refer to Chapter 4: The War Stopped: Wiley The Voice #TheResistance #MusicLovers) occurring inside the house I live in. 2020 is the year I finally have witnesses to confirm this “situation” rather than living with involuntary participants of said “mental illness talks”. I have received no training on how to respond to said “situation”, as a civilian, therefore I have long ago forgiven myself for this silly outburst against this lawyer in Miami. She can now be used by me for promotional use rather than be the only one promoting herself on the ground of false allegations against me. Do unto others what is done to you: until the law and order is ready to do their job, collect statements instead of burying people under false claims. If she has an issue with this, I just can’t wait to have her name and contact details before my deadline to file a defamation lawsuit in the UK.

A simple: “I don’t know this B* … She must be on crack … I do not understand what she is going through” would have sufficed and be in line with the character I have identified this lawyer from Miami to have. The excitement of participating into something that glued a group of “elitists” together led this woman to go all the way for a self-promoting statement and degrading claim towards someone she has never met or at least talked to! I am now including this person, with a big thank you for proving evident “foul play” through her arrogance, in a case I just could not free myself from, since the different protagonists (of all skin colours, religious beliefs, scientific level of intelligence) have always successfully installed themselves into my life in total discretion from 2008, if not prior. To date, I have wondered if “national security” or “greater good” can possibly get away with so much. Today, I can finally offer the opportunity to two companies I have evidence against, to defend themselves from my claim of wrongdoings. And pay for it in pounds sterling without fake losing their sleep over “bruja” urban legend.

1) Google:

I have lost my Trademark “I am Googol®” which had a 6 months deadline to be paid for after the expiration date. In the midst of a Pandemic, being arrested in a Russian van does affect your ability to do business and bounce back from your own “mistake”.
I will explain only to a judge, not in my book, how this company could have avoided this chain of events, had they stick to their own terms and conditions in 2008. I will not buy now that I am conveniently losing this trademark while gaining a reputation of “rituals or witchcraft” from a lying lawyer in Miami. 

2) This lawyer:

I have been unable to continue my activities, distressed by the allegations from this lawyer and her constant self-glorifying postings building ideas for her audience (in recuperation to anything that was posted by my coach on his YouTube channel), offering direct competition with her “masculinity courses” to him, literally built her image in response to many private conversations held with my coach on another platform and satisfied her desire to pass herself as providing powerful rituals.

3) Twitter:

I am offended by the promoted Tweets I have paid for in 2015 and only received emails approving their publication in 2020. It might have been funny to these people from Twitter but hiding my pinned Tweet and choosing to unrelease my promoted ones affected without a doubt my ability to achieve the very thing I was paying for years ago: not fame simple direct communication with people who are allegedly decent human beings, behind the scenes.
The “Mayor of Twitter” did not deserve any grief from this platform’s decision. Their term and conditions didn’t include manipulating their users into believing that they are visible on their platform when they deliberately decide to make you invisible, not reporting back to you on why. It took a person, years ago, to reply to me: “you have no pin Tweet” for me to realise I had spent €1500 to be muted over there. Serious situations were being addressed in the pin Tweet not “15 minutes of fame” on the back of a “famous singer”.

Anyone else, who has engaged in my case (and for whom I do have evidence but not conclusive enough for the unnecessary headache with them) will not be named or even given a reference in my biography out of respect for myself. Being dismissed under the Mental Health Act was already insulting enough. I will not do that to myself all over again: take your meds? I do not know who these people are. I do not know who they answer to. I do not even lose my sleep over their existence, practices or which fires they choose to dance around at night. I only can understand where a group of identifiable people are coming from (law enforcement, mental health and social services …). It is not my place to understand where they are getting at. I am only that person who will celebrate, over and over again, people’s paying for their own actions. I have always been a fan of causes and consequences. It has kept me grounded, cautious and nice.

So these people, who will be given an honest description of their outburst of honesty, when it has shown up, will be referred to by one bundle of words, only: third-party. Not “the government”, “not the Illuminati”, not “secret society”, “not the racists”, not “the elites”, not any self serving supremacist notion. Everyone is on ejectable seats and that is my belief for anyone out there who CAN today but who WILL NOT BE ABLE to tomorrow. And this is where the opportunity of philosophical discussions will be taken at the end of each chapter, from smart time to transhumanism. Smart time is for me the term which could replace your freewill. How your day should be spent, according to “third-party“. Where your resources should be allocated, for maximum return on investment. What thought process are accepted or when to express your thoughts, even in the privacy of your home? You might say something deemed intolerant or hostile in the safety of your own circle, away from any online operators or platforms! Why stop at my distress. Let us imagine a world when it could become yours, << allegedly >>



BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS