ARE Celebrities CAPABLE OF Faking Stories to save their “career”? #JeffreeStar #Teigen

1 year ago

Don’t lose your reputation criticising a grieving mom when she just experienced a miscarriage! Chrissy Teigen, who just recently leaked her husband’s last album online because she was “upset” with him, has dodged Doctors advice against any pregnancy while ongoing a recent removal of her fake breasts (the procedures would require medications against the safe first months of her foetus normal development). She is also no longer talked about as a tacky and vile social media figure with her “pedos” jokes about underaged children or attention seeking personality.

As someone from French Guiana, I should be celebrating the dramas a “Jeffree Star” is currently experiencing, after how he mishandled his ex’s family. Leezy has nothing to laugh about still. Her family has been shattered by the news of her baby daddy being bisexual and stepping out of their travesty of a union for a social media parade. The pictures went from promoting a relationship with an objectified Black tall man to accusing him of all the stereotypes usually attached to Black people: a poor, a bum and a thief. Yet in the midst of these accusations, we get to find out how PR moves are handled and agreed between parties in exchange of money. Andre Marhold was allegedly paid to pose as a boyfriend to save this transgender’s career, as his cosmetic line and expensive cars are not a reflection of his current business affair.

It is never too soon to talk about Chrissy Teigen‘s “miscarriage”, when you were introduced to her husband John Legend in the most traumatic manner (story for another day – under the mental health act, of course). She went from being the recipient of Qanon postings destroying her image and reputation ( Qanon is a far-right conspiracy theory that believes there is an anti-Trump deep state plot, being exposed online by an anonymous leader named Q). To now being the most protected figures online by her fans and new sympathisers: losing a child is a very different audience than pedophile tweets and tacky jokes about children. Chrissy Teigen is alleged by some to be an asian man posing as a woman satisfying John Legend needs for a “beard” rather than a real woman. A beard in hollywood helped celebrities to avoid coming out of the closet, although now it would be the best career decision you can make to board a gravy train of opportunities.

The question is: should you ever find out this entire family staged this prenancy and miscarriage, how would you respond? Would there be any real consequences, apart from outrages, for how far celebrities handle their PR moves to address life changing fall from grace? Jeffree Star is still posting publicly. Chrissy is no longer dealing with backlashes from past insensitive jokes!

A stillbirth is a sad event that can be prepared, while misleading members of the Public who experienced a miscarriage

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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