Is BLM liable for your COVID-19 symptoms AND Bills?

1 year ago

BLACK LIVES MATTER: when a catchy slogan put a “non-for-profit” organisation in a gatekeeper position and not in a humble place of recruiting new members, by kindly asking. This should be how to describe any BLM related contents or social media profiles, a self-imposed solution and recuperation of our skin colour for the advancement of other groups claim to normativity.

The massive protests that erupted, first in America then spread in the rest of the world, have introduced a climate where talking about Black People’s interests is not aggressing other people. ALL lives matter but can we breathe life into our own without including an apology to other races? Yes, we finally can. The atmosphere is still awkward yet eventually discussions and actions centered around B1 (Black first) are normalising. A power that has all the attention of an organisation like BLM.

Social Media are coordinated now to ask the question: “should Black women be defended by gay men?“. Immediately responding to Breonna Taylor’s case, where justice was not served for this sleeping Black Woman! Without using Black people, such questions would not echo through many accounts online, normalising a new role for members of the LGBTQ. I personally hope that I will never, ever, be in a position where my safety is in the hand of a gay man … no offense, but I can impersonate LaQuesha better than you or twerk my way out of any situations, so no thank you. And again, “no thank you” is and will always be our position at Afribean Magazine. Every articles or opinions formed about the LGBTQ are about the right to say “no, thank you”. Not be forced into an organisation or form relationships that do not sit right with us.

Reading the definition of “heterosexuality” from any dictionary is enough to be accused of homophobia. Which is why we are now asking: can the definition of a “coronavirus” be explained to both protesters and to this organisation? The protests, which were allegedly organised by BLM, should now be constested for the worst timing (in the history of timing) to put individuals and their children in harm way. Why this organisation was able to “organise” these massive protests yet be free of any responsabilities towards the arrests and damage of properties claims that ensued? Why their funding is not used for the services of Black lives who are now defending alone their own cases with the justice system?

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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