1 year ago

Isn’t it beautiful when the Universe shows you something! Gloating about someone else’s boyfriend on LOVE & HIPHOP then getting a divorce as a promotional evidence to your popular song “unfortunately” named WAP … God is good. All the time!

Another strip club banger released by the Business Minded B*

Cardi B, of a complicated Spanish name “Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar“, has not succesfully convinced her own husband that there is value to her cringy voice, high pitch personality and “Hey Papi” W.A.P.
Oh No! We are so sad. So, so, so sad. I need a tissue, I am crying “once a month too”. Married to even more popular rapper, songwriter and investor Offset, she became an Internet celebrity after several of her posts and videos became popular on Vine and Instagram. For those who watch reality TV, she also gloated about taking someone’s boyfriend on Love & HipHop.

If our Black community had successfuly retained their own money in the entertainment industry, strippers would not have a place in our life now trying to convince us that raping men using LGBTQ members is a thing, being saved from “double standard” where children and their parents need to have a conversation about WAP should be the next wave or music without integrity (in the name of Belcalis Marlenis’ bank account) ought to be embraced. As of now, we are subjected to the personal taste of lower tiers men with money, societal/social media popularity and (allegedly) power presenting us with the only type of women they usually have access to. This is where Cardi B’s power lie: a tool to be pushed on the rest of us yet not powerful enough to hang on to her own horse! Who will be her next “cute thang”? Will he save us from her knowledgeable wisdom about double standard?

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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