That LOVE & Hip HOP Sauce – #LEEZYLP

Aug 30, 2020

Recently, a Cishet woman poured her heart out online trying to negotiate her feminitity with a LGBTQ Orgy’s make-up public figure, named JEFFREE STAR. I was just done talking with my own daughter about how make-up is not just for girls/women. Let’s talk about Black women power to attract and fascinate, not just the opposite sex, but these new genders (36 of them last time I checked the narrative) yearning for additional solutions to their quiet existence. How do they stand out in a crowd without all that glitter and make-up!?

<< You should date a Bisexual, Sis! >> … signed a Love and Hip Hop frustrated lgbtq fan!

Leezy LP is from French Guiana (too)!

That information was relegated to trivial on the blogs who broke the identity of this make-up gender, Jeffree Star. Not sure, after a quick investigation, what pronoun or gender he/she defines it/her/him-self to be part of. Elon Musk, and the Nerds have not released yet the right technology for the rest of us to approach people as they see fit in their own head. 
So for entertainment purpose, Jeffree Star (with all due respect) will be referred to as “make-up gender” or “made-up gender“, in line with the fact that without the make-up not much of any personality is left for us to see. Make-up and Gender are the new superpower that grant you that “non-cancellable” sauce to post the most VILE, BRAZEN & RACIST content without fearing them to be limited, removed or banned. Pretending to serve Satan as a repellent or clap-back to your detractors is also another technique that your made-up gender need to subscribe to when addressing the Bible temper. 

What a made-up gender use when they encounter someone who does not get offended by their half-baked belief in the devil? How hot was it in California when this STAR gloated about himself on Instagram with videos throwing jab at an innocent ex? Does turning to a surrogate to satisfy your need to have a child part of the “intelligent conversations” from the LGBTQ? Or the narrative of coming out of the closet and becoming all the CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENTS’ faces that “straight black men” shouldn’t be is a more intelligent discussion? 
The objectified ex, André Marhold, was never on a professional NBA team and hasn’t played since 2012-13 in any basketball season. His alleged baby mother, a model born in Kourou (Guyane – French Guiana) on the 1st October 1986, blamed herself for not bringing money fast enough in their household! If dating a “bisexual” man entailed this type of new age feminist and masculine energy, keep your article where you encourage “Sis” to date a LGBTQ person to your own audience. And again, leave the cishet or heterosexual alone. We don’t want you. We don’t want to give you that Love & Hip Hop opportunity of a drama that you watched on TV, criticised then now are dying to experience in your own make-up free bland tasting self. The fascination for Black women’s personality does not stop at “LaQuesha and ShaneQua”. They want some of that submissive/fiercety energy that Black women display as part of their relationship.

Can we talk about the psychology of gloating about someone’s dad and ex? 

It was always the underlying motive of many women to suddenly glow up, get dressed and post pictures on social media. If you did not know, now you know. The underbelly of the Social Media beast is to give a voice to the most despicable opportunities many would not have unless a new platform was allowing them to operate in the same space than their “rivals”. The last time you likely experienced it was in school. The obligation to go to school put you in this position to grow up around people that you like or dislike. A job does not have that power: once too uncomfortable, you can go to HR with an issue with another co-worker (for those who are not afraid to date people from their workplace) or to quit your job as loudly as you can once you secure a better position elsewhere. With school, you were stuck with whoever. That person you felt in competition with, that person you did not like or who did not like you eventually grew into being that person who need you to see them shine (clothes, make-up, same boyfriend or ex) or who you wanted to shine against. SAME DIFFERENCE on social media.

A-Coon after encouraging American to get over slavery … on VLAD TV

Social media platforms are the new playgrounds you left from school. You are not obligated to be here. You just become amused, intrigued or caught into someone else’s lurking game: your posts, however random, will consistently produce a response (however dumb) to your own; a clap-back in someone else’s mind. In my case, someone found herself smart when she “randomly” posted jab or derogatory messages that match whatever I was talking about. From now and then, I (and you do too) check what is the temperature of people who used to be relevant to my own personal circumstances. They fade away when you discipline yourself to block them and let go of their own fascination for whatever it is that you posted. They do not stop if you feed into entertaining whatever “keyboard war” they engage into, helping you to build/destroy your own reputation. 
Leezy LP has done the right thing when she deleted this “begging post” addressed to her ex! It is the greatest aphrodisiac to any new relationship where respect for the ex and the son were not part of a made-up gender programing. Cishet knows better – as they believe in the value of the nuclear family – than undermining someone’s ex or children. Cishet do not even have the gut to use “good Dad” next to the public humiliation of a Mom. Made-up gender with a ORGY cosmetic line do. If it were not for social distancing, JEFFREE STAR would have his own show: a reality TV following his every moves in an America that wants the rest of the world to be jealous of “their freedom”, “their hamburgers”, their LGBTQ community. This show would have been successful in rating while doing the exact same thing that many other business models based on un-principled exploitation partake in: adding NO VALUE to their environment except spreading self-serving ideas.

Born in French Guiana

Let us wish LEEZY LP a safe recovery from dating a “victim of homophobia” who didn’t ask her if she wanted to be used in this manner. May she get the appropriate mental health support she and her son deserve. As a Cishet, she had a particular vision of a father figure for her son. Based on her reaction, she never was asked if the one JEFFREE STAR is encouraging or promoting on André Marhold to display was part of her own palette of choices. BAD TASTES and senseless style are cross-genders realities.

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS