Aug 30, 2020

Joseph Anthony Budden << is an American broadcaster, cultural critic, media personality, and former rapper. He first gained recognition as a rapper, best known for his 2003 top 40 single “Pump It Up” and as a member of the hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse >> (source: Wikipedia) 
His name HAD TO BE Joseph, right. You do know that, right. Lead the way, JOE!


This carpenter of the podcast world has bravely expressed his dissatisfaction with his current soon to be ex partner in business “Spotify”. For those who like me, choose to live under a rock, Spotify is a streaming service that allows you to listen for free (or for a monthly fee) millions of music in their catalogue. Their business model, a self-serving one, consists in devaluating music by allocating millions of streams to one song before “giving” playlist prizes to the artist and a regular check below the amount expected from royalty-payment.

Royalty payment and contracts were already used as a parallel universe bitcoin-like system where artists were not seeing much of the money generated by their number one or best-selling songs. Streaming services, with their digital convenience, had the opportunity to ADD VALUE TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. It was not their motive, seeing how the already rich vultures successfully took advantage of their artists and built labels and empires on the back of their talents. Promoting platforms like Google play or iTunes felt like a solution for music lovers. We pay 0.99 for each song we like and leave it to these platforms to distribute a better ratio from the value created by this model. A CD used to cost us less than 10 units of our currency (dollar, pound, euro). With each album including more than 12 songs, you would expect an improvement for our beloved singers. We follow THEM, not YOU!

Think again! Until Erykah Badu clapped back at a fan on twitter, we were not aware that these platforms too were not too concerned about paying the talents. Barely two cents of each sales made it into their bank account, allegedly. It is a similar bitcoin-like creation of value occuring with “algorithms”: 
social media want you to believe that it takes 5k people being exposed to your content before you achieve one or two sales. Unless your contents are VILE, BRAZEN & RACIST then their algorithms will scientifically execute whatever narrative that the platform happens to believe in, pushing contents that match their own ideas and hiding the ones that get in the way of their ideas of “greater good”.
Why do people still turn on their TV? Why do people still avoid meeting in person trying to catch up with these algorithms? Your expectations of interactions with people is being rewired as we speak due to these SELF-SERVING platforms and their imaginary scientifically engineered new rules. Joe Budden podcast IS the podcast to have in your list of podcast. And if you want to create a podcast, how about doing like the RIGHT JOE: choose your platform wisely! Your community will eventually pay for it, down the line.

Patiently waiting for Wiley’s own Platform … (disclaimer: he is not making an antisemitism gesture, get over yourself)

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS