Should Jessica X or Janelle Santos be CANCELLED? – #YOUTUBERS

Aug 21, 2020

Jessica X from the UK … that is all it was until I stopped searching “Jessica HEX” trying to find out who is this YouTuber being repeatedly mentioned in other Youtube videos.
Apologies to Janelle Santos who is just (for now) a commenter on YouTube and not even a content creator (yet). I, too, could not understand why this “light-skinned” profile picture is creating so much heat in content creators’ mind! I then remember how it works in the Caribbean and many other places when men/boys pop up their chest because their girlfriend is of lighter-skin complexion … Not every black girls or Black women survived the reality of the REAL aftermath of slavery and segregations. Many would start bleaching their skin trying to achieve love in all the wrong places.

Nobody likes to get played. NO ONE. Not you. Not me. Not the next person. I removed the “manosphere” from my life as soon I noticed how their main talking points were to criticise the next person or offer videos to respond to another Alpha, Beta and their Mama. Recently, the most aggressive of them, Alpha Male Strategies, is experiencing a GLOW UP which let you know that funding is being poured into whatever the hell he was saying!
Are other YouTubers fighting themselves to the death to achieve similar GLOW UP? After a quick investigation, Jessica X is a content creator from the UK. She created her channel three months ago. She is Black and Philipino (according to a more enthusiastic follower of her profile). She has that beautiful British accent. She is offering perspectives that her generation usually does not care to offer from the UK about the US which is rubbing the American audience the wrong way. Black American Women, from my personal experience, will fight you to protect their men then fight their men to protect their rights (whichever one pops up in her mind – Good luck, Black American King).

She had an altercation on C Boogie’s panel about this YouTube commenter, Janelle, which made no sense to him and his audience because she, indeed, has no channel herself. To Jessica X’s defence, even if I do not know where she was coming from or what she was getting at, this commenter (due to her age) is not understanding boundaries when it comes to respect for other people space. I had an altercation with Janelle myself but mine was based on unmatching energies: everywhere I would comment she would follow with a need to challenge or clap-back to whatever I said. I blocked. Why did this Jessica made a fool of herself and dare to try anything else? Just block Sis! Leave this younger girl alone, until she understand the basics.

Jessica X has listed MrFantastic824 as her featured channel: whatever is working for his algorithms will be used and implemented on her channel. She caught the attention of C Boogie and is now nicknamed the “half dirty foot Black girl from the UK” by the #DomGameDivision . Commenting on people does get you a response! My head hurts personally as I feel not entertained by a basic playbook of “Rise to Fame” games from a brand new YouTuber. If they have substance to offer and an explanation on why “Janelle Santos” make all of YOU people lose your sleep … please rise, indeed. I hope Janelle creates her own channel so we can be free from everyone else’s fixation with her.
Think about booking your next holiday in the Caribbean if you want to experience more mixed race and young, beautiful women!

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS