Aug 10, 2020

Sunday series: reflection on US, Black people and our relationship with ourselves and unsolicited relationships with others (unsolicited because “slavery was 400 years ago, get over it” reflexes from everyone around us – except us).

This article is being published on Monday. Sometimes you are just lost for words and stay away from Social Media putridity!
Credit needs to be given to a person on Twitter ( @AliceFromQueens ) for posting this interesting concept:

I used to follow this Journalist, Glenn Greenwald, who didn’t create a Social Media account for his children to promote them as the face of any fight against racism or homophobia. Healthy members of the LGBTQ are a breath of fresh air as they do not push their sexuality and lifestyle on the rest of us. They, too, have qualities that are not centered on selling you their personal choices, the cishet way! I am Cishet, speak Cishet to me, indeed.

So, how do you feel when you insist on repeating “I don’t care about politics”, “I don’t want to vote”.
My favourite one: “I do not support predators like R Kelly“. Him, again. If me advocating for his release to therapy was not misconstructed as “support for R Kelly“, I would not have to bring him in many articles that I write here. But R Kelly power was only to give to “victims” the money that he had in order for them (or their families) to not suddenly be offended by what he was able and left alone to do for so long!
A similar case to R Kelly, the First lady of France (I really have nothing against her but I hate COUGAR for what they do to younger people) has the power to take all jokes, survive all shades and smirk at the fact that France is now about << to fix the legal age of sexual consent at 15, meaning sex with someone younger than that would be considered rape. Equality Minister Marlène Schiappa welcomed the move, which follows advice from doctors and legal experts >>. Her “love story” with her husband, the president of France, started when he was 15 and she was his teacher! His parents didn’t call the police or involve authorities like Aaliyah’s parents did. Now, everyone focuses is on sounding intelligent by repeating their favourite mantra: “I do not care about politics”. Add another mantra: “R Kelly is a pedophile, he deserves to rot in jail”.

Cognitive dissonance will have people celebrating Keri Hilson being “black balled” by their favourite singer who has recently embraced that “Black is King”. While not accepting any lethal shades about the police killing of Black men … I said what I said.
Cognitive dissonance will have people helping their environment allowing Azealia Bank feeling suicidal for a dark skinned girl. While asking Wiley “to redeem” himself or admit to “mental issues”. Mental Health is the favourite financial transaction for non-for-profit.
Cognitive Dissonance will have people rejecting any trick & treats to improve their Justice system. While begging you to repost their hastags of a dead person name. In their left hand they do have a whole second amendment (the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed). In their right hand, they also have the right of self-defense! Yet, twitter has to do its thing. Social Media will fix it for you. Or electronic voting … 

Cognitive dissonance cannot save you from having ZADDY introducing himself as your daughter’s new boyfriend. Or Sugar Mammies as your son’s new girlfriend. New terms need to be added in the dictionary to cater for these CONSENSUAL MISCONDUCT: oldfriend? buck breaking friend? 

It starts by making it popular. This appetite for sex is concerning now? Do you still want to avoid organising behind your VOICES, your Black Owned Businesses, your Representant?

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS