Jul 16, 2020

Writing Articles in an Online Digital Magazine is interesting and feels great when promoting a fellow Black Owned Business. The information is only accessible to those interested in digging our Archive. In this age of information, archives are not the most popular content, unless the reader is specifically doing research on a particular subject.

AFRIBEAN dot BIZ was always part of the plan. A ONE STOP platform to find the next HOT dates & activities by a #BlackOwned business & all self employed creatives. NOT another listing of Black Owned Businesses. AFRIBEAN dot BIZ wants to allow information based on DEADLINES: date of EVENT, location and method of delivery of a DISCOUNT and time/quantity available, while stock or slots last!

Launching Date is Saturday 18th of July 2020!

Our listed resident BOBs, who can now easily advertise their own Businesses’ activities in one place:
– Honey Ricci (MUA)
– Moor Hair (Online Beauty Products Shop)
– Black Star Books (Online Bookstore)
– Windrush Bay (Online Food Shop)
– C Boogie Productions (Coach)
– VBH Financial Services
– and your BOB is welcomed to join. Check our pricing: here

Our listed upcoming Events, showcased without a BOB’s profile:
– UK Black Business Show (Forum)
– Black Business Recommendation (Webinar)
– and your events should be advertised too, not just created on different platforms with a ticketing system. Check our event page: here

Our listing of Courses (Offline and Online), Products and Services by BOBs:

– Adult learning
– Children learning
– Art, Crafts & Music
– Outdoor activities
– Business learning
– Business support
– Self Development and Mental Health
– Beauty and Health
– FOOD and Drinks
– Cooking lesson
– Skincare and Pedicare
– Haircare and Manicure
– and your activity, if not falling under any of these broad categories, should be added soon. Contact us now to add your BOB: here

SUPPORT #BOB is a new catchphrase that you will get used to hear now. Call me BOB! It’s code word for gender fluid, gender less but genre oriented BLACK OWNED BIZ.

BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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