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Jul 11, 2020

<< I wrote about JK Rowling and co and how ‘cancel culture’ has been mangled and stolen to mean ‘grown people facing the consequences for their own actions’ >> Emma Tilly for

<< If it’s not “Cancel Culture” , What Kind of Culture is it? >> Matt Taibbi for

Politics can only be done by people who know how to keep their cool and collected self! I am HOT every single time a subject engage me. How can this be healthy for one’s blood pressure?
Side note: have you noticed the new expression that is being added on every popular Social Media accounts? “I have been politicised by” … must be an election day strategy after attending a party meeting. People would say, in the past, “I took interest in politic because“.


This expression from Black People (traditionally) is not just about Black People and their own linguos. This behaviour and trend described by Slang words are not about protecting Black culture against any Vultures. It’s not an outrage about its overuse! Only incomprehension on how it is misused. 
Cancel culture is defined under “pop culture” as << the popular practice of withdrawing support for (cancelling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming >>.
It refers to the actions of people feeling concerned and prejudiced by a broadcasted entity (person or company). The broadcast occurs not only on TV, radio or Public gathering, it also happens daily at your place of work or the minute you step out of your house and step in a public place, as random as a Café, a mall, a parking lot, a road …

When a Black Celebrities came forward with a speech that goes like “I would like to apologise to my team, my community and my God …” they were not casually acknowledging the Cancel Culture. Their livelihood, abilities to ever be able to work or earn again in their previous capacity (except R Kelly behind closed doors due to his talent), access to sponsorship or better circles were at stake!!!
Now let’s compare this to NON-BLACK Celebrities, Socialites and Public Figures. When in the middle of allegations (including videos proving their guilt, audios demonstrating their actions or statements corroborating their victims’ words), a silence followed by a Press Release curated by expensive PR agencies managed these NON-BLACK celebrities‘ career. What was happening simultaneously: 

  • TABLOID magazines took over the momentum and generated both MONEY for themselves, FAME for said celebrities through BUZZ and compensation/incomes for any potential lawsuits
  • Next PR moves were already negotiated away from Public eyes for said celebrities to arrange a negotiable COMEBACK bigger and better, while fake apologising (sincerely and truly) on a show – exclusively in exchange of a fee


  • A destruction of one’s activities! Essence is a magazine that is no longer Black owned (like many magazines in Black Face). Did they use it now as a gravy machine to benefit Black Celebrities when under a cancellation process?
  • An inability to come back better and bigger! PR agencies are not known to put their reputations on the line for any Black Celebrities. Have you heard any acceptance speech in Hollywood where they were thanked for not giving up on such and such?
  • NO OPTIONS to switch! Contrary to Miley Cirus who can embrace her hood side then deny any affiliation to Black culture whenever she feels like it, Black celebrities do not have many recourse after fame: voice-overs, consultants in a firm, black owned business supported to bounce back from past glory …

Non-Black communities need to accept that they are more organised and prepared under any pressure. They have disposable incomes (and reparation to mention the Jews) and do not count any Tulsa Bombing as a response to their attempt to build wealth. The Times casually including R Kelly as “being cancelled because he faced allegations of sexual assault” is misinformation; to match his recent appeal of his case. R Kelly’s asset, as the most talented artist in our music catalogue, is of interest to culture vultures. Read between other people lines. They know why they are publishing his name next to other paedophiles, still able to claim their innocence while being free.The American Justice system is a trick. One that allow a “Jim DeRogatis” to harass R Kelly for living with consenting adults, calling them manipulated. No actions will be taken against others who help themselves to people with Mental Health issues or below the age of consent, when Non-Black. In their own soil or abroad, as sex tourists!

So when asked to remove the “cancel culture” from your vocabulary, believe it’s coming from a place of reality. YOUR REALITY. Not ours!


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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS