Face Masks against COVID-19 #SelfEmployed

Jul 6, 2020

Face masks by: Hadi LaGitas PortalSi AnkhAtlyn Forde

From the 4th of July, symbolic day confirming an attachment to everything American, the UK has re-opened a lot of businesses with non-essential activities: restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs …
There should now be a surge of orders of “Face Masks”. But will it prevent a second wave of positive cases? Or just new customers who already cannot breathe properly?


Sellers are popping up all over Social Media. Driven by passion and creativity, for established businesses (etsy’s sellers and sewing extraordinaires) or desperation, for those who do not qualify for supports (benefits/welfare, family or friends loans), Face Masks sellers range on different scale of customer service:

  • Washable/Reusable masks
  • Safe and Sanitised masks
  • Breathable masks
  • Creative designs and ergonomic masks
  • Registered providers and Customer service’s contacts

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE – These valuable words are not always present in the “quick” description of the product. If not, what good is it to buy a pretty mask and it has the same lifespan as the disposable ones used in hospitals?

SAFE AND SANITISED MASKS – No one, as of now, that is currently selling safe masks are advertising the safe aspect of their masks. When I order any parcels for myself and my children, I always used anti-bacterial wipes before allowing them to open them.
It would be great to know that my Face Masks seller has taken measures in case of contamination from themselves:

  • Wiping the envelopes/packages/products with anti-bacterial chemicals
  • Washing the Face Masks (after sweating and sewing plenty for hours) and secure them in a plastic with lid, to be open by the customer
  • Acknowledging in their social media posts their awareness of the virus and all the updates they seek before continuing their activities (links to gov.uk as a badge of honour to their act of care)

BREATHABLE MASKS – Whatever technique you currently use to cover your nose and mouth, you are having a hard time breathing. Only those who use CYCLING MASKS are not encountering these issues. But what good are the breathable masks if they allow nasty contaminated particles to make it into your orifices? They reduce your intake but they do not offer any protection, as opposed to the annoying << HEPA Filter (increased filtration material) >> ones.

Handmade Face Masks with HEPA filters, breathe easy, skin-friendly, washable and reusable (click to contact seller)

CREATIVE DESIGNS AND ERGONOMIC MASKS – African prints, Ankara styles, colourful Face Masks with matching Bonnets and Head-wraps … you cannot compete with African and Caribbean when it comes to SWAG. To the point that we have searched long and hard for Gucci or Louis Vuitton inspired masks … No one is going there: due to copyright infringements or recent protests from Black people waking up to a World full of sneaky shareholders?

Made from double layer medium weight African print (click for seller’s website)

REGISTERED PROVIDERS WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTS – Would HMRC unleash its officers online to check who is claiming “Universal Credits” (welfare) and adding a side hustle to make end meets? In the middle of a pandemic? If companies are currently using the Furlough schemes as an excuse to let go of their employees after these “redundancy payments” (the scheme was originally created to avoid loss of jobs and employers being unable to pay their staff) are you taking any chances with your claim for support from the Job Centre Plus? Asking before promoting …


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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS