Lucia LOVES UK #Walthamstow

Jul 1, 2020

Press releases about a company are really meant to be ignored. And all the marketing budgets one have to apply to make them noticeable speak for themselves: BORING! You really did not expect to come and read a new series of Articles about Black Owned businesses on this website, as an angle to achieve clicks? Did you? Oh … Ye of little faith!


Unfortunately we typed on a search engine and we got plenty of porn star or caucasians haircares or skincares solutions. Take our words for it. So here is a shortcut picture to find Lucia quickly online: this young lady is mixed races (Mom is lone parent white and Dad is a supportive Jamaican). The story of Mom, Ebony, is more interesting than the one of a young girl, “pushed” by her Mom to accomplish something with her creativity and time. 

Ebony, as we have met her in person, was a very active member of the Waltham Forest administration. Our memory have the word “councillor” or something like that as far as her passion to be part of her community. She drove a cool mercedes car to drop her very young kids to school. And she was chatty and friendly: a people person. Then one day, she got involved in a car accident, a multiple cars jam type of one. Was hospitalised then pop up back doing school runs using the bus while barely able to walk, as she was given a life changing diagnosis about her ability to walk again. Her Mom, who was in the Big Brother show for a hot minute on BBC, helped with school run. And I personally stepped in, picking up her children from her house and dropping them back, anytime she wished. 

So, years later, seeing her daughter and son skincares line of products felt like a victory! She fought back her periods of depression and feelings of being defeated by fate or circumstances. A battle that, if lost, affect the ability of your children to believe themselves capable of becoming anyone they want or study at school. Women are not always in competition with each other, is the message of this personal story about Ebony, mother of Lucia.

Now, back to Lucia:

Lucia Loves is a line of skincare products, handmade and are chemical-free. It was established in Spring 2017 by then 14 year old Londoner Lucia. Finding organic hair care for her afro proved to be difficult, so Lucia developed her own range.


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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS