Brain-Computer Interface: do WE have a good FIREWALL? #CanWeTalkNOTDATE

Jun 26, 2020

Hannah Fry is an expert on Algorithms and Data, socio professor on Mathematics, co-host of a BBC radio four show. Invited to our favourite show, Star Talk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his sidekick Chuck, she explained in great details the point of collecting data, as statistics about humans.
Although today the volume of data is greater (cosmos and human data), the quality is more appreciated. Clean data as opposed to raw one are tiring to achieve and dive into. With online activities allowing a lay back approach to privacy from users, who is currently collecting our data then making decisions from the patterns they can infer from our shopping baskets, for example, is important from a financial viewpoint (even after the implementation and enforcement of GDPR). A supermarket has concluded that customers who bought fresh fennel (as an indicator of home cooking) would have increased your likelihood of not making any claim on their home insurance product, sold to their customers. I personally cannot think of any recipe where I have ever used fennel so I was anyway prone to higher home insurance payments due to my ignorance of this particular ingredient. I am at least now curious to cook it first thing first after my next trip for food shopping! Another cruel consequence of not applying any cultural difference to their data to allow the definition of “home cooking” to apply to most, not some. A consumer based raw data analysed by their own algorithms.

Hannah Fry, mathematician from the UK and author of the book “Hello World: How to be human in the age of the machine?”

What are Algorithms?
A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer (source: Oxford Languages). Hannah Fry is quoted to say that it’s a basic input (ingredients) to output (results) set of instructions designed to perform a specific task. Sounds a lot like Internet Explorer or Yahoo search engines … dead Artificial Intelligence without any more updates from headquarter.  What is a Program (as opposed to Algorithms)?
An executable software that runs on a computer. These programs are often called applications. 

Artificial Intelligence is a brain (limited or expanded – subject to how courageous the NERDS are). Algorithms are the pair of shoes, allowing this robot to execute in order a list of instructions.
Programs would be different clothes put on this robot.

A brain-computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a neural-control interface, mind-machine interface, direct neural interface or brain-machine interface, is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. This computer-based system acquires brain signals, analyzes them and translates them into commands that are relayed to an output device to carry out a desired action. In principle, any type of brain signal can be used to control a BCI system. Any signal from the brain enables communication and control. Invented by William Dobelle to restore sight to a man blinded in adulthood.

Directly connecting the brain to computers to share data or control devices pose the IMMEDIATE EXISTENTIAL QUESTION: does our creator (Big Bang or God) had our back?
Were our brains fitted with the greatest FIREWALL that no NERDS can just help themselves through?

If not, learn new IT prayers that can protect you from devices like “Dream readers” from China …
Or you could start fomenting a plan to protect your family from any “Schizophrenic” diagnosis your children might use as an explanation every time they just “feel sad“. We love these unreported God-like powers! The ones that could keep more adults from turning off their lights when trying to sleep at night. Funny right! 


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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS