Why new TECHnologies should excite You – #CanWeTalkNOTDATE

Jun 24, 2020

Using a Smart system in your hand (phone) or in your space (home) is no longer just about asking a cute visible box ordered from Amazon dot com, Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, to play one song for you or a video from your phone, randomly.

You can go as far as scheduling a meal plan in your oven, dim the light and start a newly released movie on your favourite stream and organise house cleaning (dishes, vacuum, self cleaning shower/bath …) while impressing your new date. You can now tackle more serious tasks than simple reminders from your calendar or contact lists, which also bring questions about home security systems!

Like the last interview of Sophia the Robot by Steve Kovach (Business Insider) has shown us, your ADMIN SYSTEM might have seen or never seen the movie “Black Mirror” in the span of a same interview: in the same breath, in human language. And as slower entities (because of our inability to access 100% of the capacity of our brain at will), we are still stuck on our 10% stupid, watching scary movies and fearing our own creations, once given a likeable body.

Nobody has been reported to fear the cute rounded Alexa box and her “sarcastic” answers. Except when a heavy breathing pedophile nerd was caught using a baby-cam (system to monitor your child in another room) to watch other people’s kids. 

But someone will be reduced as GUEST in the middle of their OWN SWEET HOME, one day. It can be done by combining the capabilities and the abilities of TECH, already advertised to the public.  

  • A man was seated in a Lab, wirelessly controlling a bionic arm hanging from a separated stand. Great for veterans, if we need more of them losing arms and legs for someone else senseless war!
  • Scientists connected three people’s brains together so they can mentally share thoughts. Amazing once we clearly DEFINE SHARING (pushing one’s ideas on the next person is a beautiful line to draw)
  • Lifeguard Drones could save lives in lakes and on beaches. The drone can arrive to the struggling swimmer before the lifeguard and drop an inflatable device to keep the swimmer afloat. 
  • During online class, a teacher took screenshots of an 11 year old boy’s bedroom with BB gun and shared it with the police prompting warantless house search on a Baltimore family’s home, in the USA of course, reported the 12th of June. Classroom STOP & SEARCH is an interesting use of COVID-19 home schooling!

Until this picture of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, our favourite astrophysicist, is switched where he is nervously trying to smile in the background while Sophia the Robot is at the forefront posing in her glory and power, maybe it will be hard to engage our audience in our scientific facts and discovery?

Imagine Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the back and Sophia in the Front, both smiling (one nervously)

But our passion, and the questions we need answers for are not losing any sleep over engagement: 

  1. Can a video be played from your phone, wirelessly, and your unconnected speaker while it is TURNED OFF? Why not play it in full HD but in sepia type of weak colors? Why you then have no control of the volume in this instance? 
  2. When will I achieve my Flatline machine? Please never ask me what is it? I know what it is for … I have just not been given clearance by the Universe to discuss specific before achieving it! To be continued and studied …

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS