Introduction to #CanWETalkNOTDATE

Jun 22, 2020

These new series of articles, DAILY, are a must! 
5G is being deployed and videos used to emerge online from members of the Public, not officials or celebrities with something to lose, where we would see animals reacting erratically to the new towers or birds dropping dead. These postings have calmed down now that measures by the Government are being enforced to stop the spread of “false” information about the correlation between 5G and the coronavirus. 

A fair move from Governments, if you count the real dead bodies that Covid-19 has claimed. In ten years or more, contrarians can bring their proof that the coronavirus was just a hoax. But as of now, let us all accept the safe distancing and all the measures in place to save us and our family members. Commercial break is now over … 

WTF is happening with the trees and their branches around these 5G towers? WE STILL NEED OXYGEN, right? Double checking with you!
What is Artificial Intelligence and why Sophia the robot is the only one talking to the Public? Facebook, Google and Microsoft are known to have developed their own AI. Which one of them shut it down because it was becoming too bright and too forward for us, slower entity? Why should you care about all these?

  • Smart Home will be the new-built sexy development to boast about and to buy as your first “Home Sweet Home” ! Devaluing or reevaluating a simple New House.
  • Smart Phone will be more in the center of your own personal assets: cars, house, workplace, gps and maps, gps and tracking … can you do the math?
  • Smart environment might bring new tricky questions that reality never need you to ask:
    – Virtual time, Virtual activities, Virtual responsibility, Virtual assets (currencies or properties)
    – Online time, Online activities, Online responsibility, Real assets
    – Real time, Real activities, Real responsibility, Online assets

You might not understand the above now but by following our daily articles, you will get the point of these three separates WORLD: REALITY where you exist – VIRTUAL where you choose to participate – ONLINE where you currently operate (reading this article, which cannot be accessed without an Internet connection, right?).

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS