How can you live authentically? – Tutorial no. 5

May 22, 2020

How can you live authentically? 

It’s not about changing others or even making them change for you but rather, if you identify and live your “VITALS” you will feel more authentic, more holistic and more real.

Dr Audrey Tang

How always start with why! Why do you want to live? Why you want to be authentic?
Unethical question on first sight but plenty of successful business owners and damaging employees (the one who make you take long sick pay to not develop mental issues or real illness due to prolonged contact with their “way of operating” in the workplace) have achieved a great picket fences  – fully paid mortgage – house with a peaceful garden. Now you catch our drift! Let us explore together why without falling into the Mother Theresa’s trap …

A popular song by rapper DMX (Slippin’) tell you that “to live is to suffer but to survive is to find meaning in the suffering”. Living is, according to the general consensus,  waking up in your property, taking a dump on your mortgaged house’s toilet seat (without contacting your reluctant landlord about changing his lowest priced plastic seat), going to work without feeling burden by the shift ahead (and the role you have to perform in order to not get fired for telling someone something that you really mean to say), coming back “home” feeling like you have achieved closure – literally – with your personal plans or dreams and weekend/holidays worth sharing with your circles … with a grin on your face!

Surviving is doing all these above while not catching up with your bills, past financial mistakes (credit cards, loans, supports to unworthy partners’ dreams …) and on top of this, juggling with all the new applications forms (unemployment checks or brand new jobs due to your inability to not be authentic with your managers). So again, why should you be authentic when faking it until you make it has worked wonders for the next person and their favourite celebrities?

We are conflicted too! But here are three valid reasons (not linked to good vs bad) to be authentic and make a living with it:

  • Belief systems are the best immune systems to Authenticity (or lack thereof) – power vibrations
  • Noises are pollution that also come from YOU: save the Planet – war vibrations
  • Alignment with yourself is the fastest << modus operandi >> to any destinations – love vibrations

Belief systems draw a line in the sands. Even if you do not subscribe to any religions and their rewards based belief systems (you are just spiritual not religious), even if you are agnostic not spiritual … your “chakra” – “yoga lifestyle” – “hug a tree” habits will develop a imaginary best friend relationship with you and act like a bodyguard to your own conclusions about life. We are a whole Universe within. And attack you to the point of developing your own limits, barriers, gates and full stops. Your ability to go past your own lines will eventually express itself with living, developing depression, abusing substances or committing suicide. For no apparent reasons, according to those who watch from the outside looking in!

Would you like you if you could hear yourself? Producing noises for free or as part of a sponsored deal are luxuries shared by all except the mute (and science is getting there at helping them fixing their disability). You lock yourself in your own boxes by creating a world based on your spelling of it: conspiracy theory YouTubers are my favourite people, as they believe they will be killed by the Government for opening the eyes of Black People. I subscribe to their channels, help myself to their investigative researches (sometimes better than paid journalists) and make sure that I do not pay a dime to their Patreon or donation links, as they might be killed by secret societies or services once they get too big or too loud.
Teamwork make the dream works!

Alignment with yourself is the end game. The feelings that arise from within, the energy machine you create that needs no Religions, no private Clubs or external validations from the people or world are priceless. Your Timeline, Deadline and Flatline are on a << Bring your whole crew >> next level of game. You are ready for whatever: painful or not. And society benefits from that version of yourself, too.

Please take our advice with many grains of salt as there are not enough streets to rename after all of YOU. 

Tutorials for SENSIBLE MINDS only (mental issues required – not mental strength)

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