Mind-Games and how to win them! – Tutorial no. 4

May 21, 2020

Mind-games and how to win them!

The winner of the mind-game is the one who doesn’t play at all!
Using a technique called “Transactional Analysis”, I will discuss:

  • the common mind-games played,
  • why they happen,
  • and what we can do about them!

Dr Audrey Tang

Our favourite self-quote at Afribean Magazine: << I am a Gamer not a Player >>. Don’t be Scrat from Ice Age eternally caught in resin chasing his impossible “nut” …

“EPOXY RESIN DIORAMA SCRAT IN ICE from Ice age” (click image to watch on YouTube)

What is a “Game”? According to the dictionary, a game is:

  • an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun (noun)
  • a complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result (noun) 
  • eager or willing to do something new or challenging (adjective)
  • manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous (verb)
  • play video games (verb)

If we follow the simple logic of Video games, a Game has RULES, PLAYERS, LEVELS & perks (amount of life – allowing you to replay and/or set of starter kits that automatically get delivered evenly to any new players).

If you feel like you understand the RULES that you are about to accept, then playing games is the most amusing and fun activity to partake in. You have just subscribed to the reality of two different type of players:
– Losers
– Winners
Only the rules of this game you just engage in will let you know how many winners and who are the losers. Society will quickly help you to add the expression: “sore losers” or ” victimhood” or “fair play” when you attempt to cry wolf because you are experiencing being part of the “losers”.

PLAYERS, the one in our society and in real worlds (economic, politic, social, …), are given from birth a certain amount of Energy and can only replenish it by their own superpower. No players have been known to resuscitate or regenerate themselves after experiencing their tragic fate: final result is death, or taxes (until death)!
Being eager to do something new or challenging is a personal decision, founded on your own appreciation of time: value, depreciation, waste … You do your own maths when it comes to your Battles, your Attention and your definition of Wars.

But we will still entertain a Tutorial on how to win any Mind-games! Grab a seat and enjoy the free tips:

  • Rule of engagement no. 1: DO NOT MAKE/TAKE IT PERSONAL
  • Rule of engagement no. 2: FLATLINE is the only DEADLINE
  • Rule of engagement no. 3: Never lose focus on your TIMELINE

When someone or something (coincidences alerting your intuitions of a game at play) want to engage in any form of Mind-Games with you, your first power is to WIN.
You lose by taking it personal. Emotions have taken a lot of life, in battlefields or in hospital wards (heart attacks, stress related illness, wrinkles). Composure and logic, to separate the facts (reality) and the fictions (mental issues: yours or theirs), are your allies. Take as much people as you need in your team. Then << bring your whole crew >>.

In order for your time to be valued and understood, not just by yourself (arrogance) but also by the other “players” (ego), COMMUNICATION is your best friend. If anybody knew how engaging into any games with you involved an explanation, apology, lawsuits or “until death do us part” procrastination games from YOU, who would risk their energy, reputation or resources on you. Time-out is out of the window with you, as you are now feeding off the energy of bad or good situations, no judgement. Just calculated outcomes. It’s a SIN, but let’s indulge in vampire-energy games, shall we.

And once your destination has been set in your mind, how can anyone games prevail the one that you are running with your own timeline? So much happiness going on in that little head of yours, so much plans centred on your self-improvement. If these mind-games cannot be used at your advantage, where is your mental BIN. Create one NOW! No wonder you were ageing so fast …

Tutorials for SENSIBLE MINDS only (mental issues required – not mental strength)

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